Chipping can easily happen on the edges of countertop or table when taking kitchenware out from the dishwasher and accidentally hitting the edge, also it can occur during stone fabrication and installation. We are providing the service to repair marble chips, holes and small surface cracks by filling it with knife grade epoxy. Once the epoxy placed in the gap, you can use torch or heat gun to accelerate the process of hardening but it is not required since epoxy curing time is usually fast. Finally sand out excess epoxy with sandpaper starting at 100 grit and ending up with 1000 and higher grit.

Most damages can be in the form of cracks, chips, stains and etches, which all make the marble seem out of place.

How To Repair Chips Or Scratches In Marble | Duration 5 Minutes 1 Seconds

Chipping more often happens on soft kinds of stone such as marble, onyx or limestone, than on granite. Also, we are providing color matching to the existent color and pattern by mixing epoxy with several color pigments. Then with the help of razor blade gently pull out the glue onto the chip holding the blade in the perpendicular direction taking care that no bubbles are formed and the glue is not out of the hole. If you’ll need more glue then you can apply it but make sure it is not yet start hardening.

How To Mend A Chip On A Marble Table? by

Maybe a 1/8″ square 1/16″ thick, or whatever the thickest portion is. You should be able to use a rotary tool for the necessary grinding.

Then buy a piece and have it ground to the dimensions you require and “crazy glue’ it in there – use a clamp to hold it tight if you use some other glue ( they may have glue just for this purpose).

I happened to have the chipped off piece, and ground it up as much as possible. We have to cover up some ugly new copper piping after our hot water system was altered.


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