You don’t have to live with or work around unattractive and dirty-looking surfaces, neither do you needto replace your natural stone due to wear and tear. We’ll give them the shine you are after, whether you’re looking for a low sheen finish or a sophisticated mirrored look. We’ll let you know the best products to keep your stone looking its natural best. We’ll restore and polish stone, whether it’s inside or outside, on the floors or walls.

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Marble’s natural beauty needs looking after due to the density of the stone. Over time, however, concrete needs professional cleaning and polishing to remove scratches and stains that regular cleans can’t remove. As a result, the entire floor will reflect light, and there’ll be no more dull patches. Polishing will give your surfaces a smooth finish with an elegant shine. This will give different results to polishing and will retain the matte finish of the stone. All the effects of wear and tear will be gone, giving you a fantastic new look for your existing stone surfaces without the time, mess and expense of replacing them.

We can give your home and office a wonderful new look by restoring your stone surfaces back to their best.

We’re also here to advise you on how to maintain your surfaces after we’ve finished polishing. We save property owners time and money by restore flooring that has lost its natural beauty. It can easily scratch, especially in areas that have high traffic. We know that different types of stone have their own unique characteristics, and we therefore use the most appropriate method for the type of stone to get the best results. We use a proven process to prevent damage to the surface, and ensure the best overall results. Marble is a popular choice for adding a level of elegance to a property, from kitchen bench tops, grand bathrooms, impressive entranceways to office foyers. We can also do regular cleans and re-sealing required for matte/honed-finish stone surfaces.

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This is why it is highly recommended to use black color in both internal and external decoration of homes and offices. Marble is a natural rock (stone) which is composed of re-crystallized carbonate minerals (most commonly calcite or dolomite). In the production process, dark colored marbles such as black marbles provide high gloss values especially ​​after being varnishing.

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For example, there are many structural differences between a marble type to be tiled under the door and a marble to be installed as a countertop. There should be no cracks on the floor and there should be a solid structure. The marbles placed on the floor with mortar flooring integrate in the floor after a short while and then it would be ready to use.

At the same time, the type of marble changes according to the surface to be applied. Using appropriate marble on the appropriate surface means to reach a stable marble floor which does not cause deformation for many years. Care must be given to ensure that the marble tile installation process is carried out with care. The beauty of black marble also comes from its magnificent and natural composition, which can be seen in its dense, thin white layers. The black marble tiles on the floor produce a level of elegance and contrast very nicely with the light colored walls. All you need to do is using light color for other elements of decoration. Another very important advantage of marble is that it can withstand and adapt to all kinds of climate conditions.

Black colored marble tiles reflect power, nobility, dignity, ambition and passion at the same time. The black background can be used as a color when you want other colors to stand out. And we are sure that you do not want your home or office to look like a funeral house.

Dusts, cat or dog hair, dead skin cells would be your worst enemy if you prefer black marble tiles. Another point to be considered is the degree of stiffness of the stone. Along with the developing technology, this problem can be avoided by applying the net epoxy to the back of the stone. This is why you should make a detailed analysis before you go on to the purchasing process. Do not forget the marble surface must not be rubbed too hard . This will create a very chic contrasting effect and makes the room look wider and elegant. Neon colored accessories would also be a very magnificent way to complete the look of black marble tiles.

After keeping the tips and trick we mentioned above, it is time to learn how to get rid of all types of stain on marble surfaces. We either damage the marbles or we cannot remove the stain as necessary. What you need to do is very simple; you will be wiping your marble with a marble-friendly cleaning agent, but adding a few drops of ammonia into the cleanser. This time wait for your marble to dry and polish your marble thoroughly with the help of a clean cloth with a soft texture. But do not forget that you should stay away from the fire while doing this cleaning or you should not leave the stove open during cleaning.

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Then rub thoroughly with salt lemon juice and then rinse thoroughly.

Take a clean cloth and immerse the melted oxalate in acid and rub the rusty parts of your marble thoroughly.

We explain every single detail that you should know about black marble tiles; decoration ideas, tips and trick and so much more are included in this blog. In this sense, the use of black marble tile is becoming an important tool when moving the beauty of the building to a higher point. This shine helps to give the product a more ostentatious impression. Also, thanks to its durable and resistant characteristic, black marble tiles are very suitable for exterior decoration.

The marble which is to be installed on the floor which is free from any excess is required to be in perfect cleaning and suitability. The floor must be free from all kinds of construction residues and dyes. Not every marble type is suitable for every floor, but it can be worn out and deteriorated in a short time. You cannot imagine how beautiful black marble tiles would look on the walls without trying it! You can sense the air of luxury even while you enjoy your swimming session. Also, it would be very practical to prefer black marble for patio decoration thanks to the durable and resistant feature of the marble. If you prefer black marble, you would not have to renew it for a considerably long time. Regular cleaning helps to preserve these natural and marble applications that provide peace of mind for many years. The black marble floor gives the rooms a sense of freshness and wellness in areas where both hot and cold climates are common. Black with metallic gold, silver, copper and brass creates an opulent look.

If you want to add a bold, yet creative sense to your decoration, black marble tiles are the perfect alternative for you. If you use too much black for decoration, you would have a very gloomy and depressing effect. Another disadvantage is that stains (especially water stains) can be very easily seen on black marble tiles. This is why you should always keep them clean and give them a regular care. For this reason, you need to see the every type of dark colored stones. Knowing the degree of stiffness of your choice will give you the opportunity to prevent future problems of fracture and hump.

Boil or use rain water as the tap water has a high chlorine and lime ratio.

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Oil-based cleaners and waxes may discolor the marble surfaces, so such cleaners should not be used to clean marble surfaces. You can get marble polish from the hardware store in return for very affordable prices.

Always contrast black marble tiles with light color stones or accessories.

But do not worry, you will not damage your marble and you will get your marble to its first glory. Do not overuse it; and thoroughly wipe the stained parts with a few drops of cleanser and a few drops of ammonia, then rinse immediately without waiting. Rub the stained areas thoroughly with a few drops of ammonia and a mixture of 20% oxygenated water.

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We used 1/4″ grout spacers, used grey thinset for very light colored marble tiles (the grey thinset will show up in your grout lines), and used sanded grout (because of the 1/4″ grout spacing). They were now dull, had scratches, and did not reflect the finely honed polish which they were supposed to have. I had a variable speed angle grinder and kept my rpms around 5, 000. Stick it onto the attachment and make sure it stays put (the hooks will grab onto the polyester fibers). I used rolled up towels around the 5′ x 5′ perimeter to limit the amount of kickback spray from the spinning motion that the angle grinder generates. Use the angle grinder with the nylon pad to go over your tiles one by one. It will take a bit of getting used to at first, but youll get the hang of it.

Keep the grinder moving in small circles to polish the tiles evenly. Use a clean wet towel and wipe your floors so you can get as much of the leftover splash and residue from the buffing compound off the floors and fixtures. Two coats are sufficient and your floors will look as good as new. Was it easy to get a fairly even level of gloss across the entire floor?

Black Marble Tile Cleaning By Hand Pads | Duration 3 Minutes 51 Seconds

What the compound seems to do, since it is acidic, is eat away a little bit of the top layer which has been scuffed or lightly scratched and smoother it out and return it to a nice shine. Its not 100% perfect, but its definitely many times better than it was before…dull, dirty, and rough. You would think someone would put together a kit for homeowners with a backing plate, a couple polishing discs and some marble polishing powder.

Get a variable speed angle grinder which uses 5/8 attachments (or if you want to do this all within 2 hours, rent a floor buffing machine from home depot pro). Cut a piece of the white polyester buffing pad in a circle shape to fit the angle grinder velcro loop attachment. Get a shop vacuum to suck up all the water and compound mixture. If you dont do this, the milky colored spray will get everywhere.

Make sure the water/compound mixture is milky and pretty dissolved before buffing. I spent at least 30 seconds on each tile to make sure the scrapes, scuffs, scratches were buffed down and smoothed as much as possible.

After you have finished the sectioned area, pour clean water over the area and mix it around making it wet again. Then if necessary, rinse with clean water and suck that up too. I know you said they “look as good as new” – but by your description, the floor didn’t look that good when it was new.

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The kit really sets you up to do the job properly for outstanding results.

Before polishing, clean the marble with a mild, non-abrasive detergent and a sponge or soft cloth. Attach the backer and the felt wheel to the polisher or grinder. Most contractors work a section of one to two square feet at a time.

Make sure the soap is completely removed and that the marble is dry before proceeding. Pour out the prescribed amount of polishing compound onto the surface.

Thassos White Marble Polishing & Black Granite Polishing | Duration 2 Minutes 11 Seconds

Let the compound and your tool do the work – don’t press too hard! Finish the job with a damp cloth, so that no compound remains. When the sealer has dried completely, your countertops will look like new and be ready to use.

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It will always add value both in visual appeal and in financial worth. Marble is rock that is actually formed by sea shell deposits billions of years ago. In early civilization, marble was sought after for it’s durability and beauty, plus the added bonus that it was more amenable to carve into shapes for bricks and statues! The acid will find its way under the highly buffed polish or finish, get into the cracks the porous rock, and you’ll eventually wind up with a big pile of white sand. To give marble a quick shine, try crushing a child’s stick of common white chalk into a fine powder.

Rub it on the marble with smooth, overlapping back and forth strokes. Keep furniture from scratching the marble surface by placing them on rugs or carpets. That way, if you need to move a heavy chair, it will not scratch the surface of the marble, and you’ll be able to easily push it to its new position. Spay with dust mops with anti-static spray so they will more easily attract and hold the dust particles. Squeeze out as much water as possible and lightly damp mop the whole surface of the marble floor.

Don’t use this sponge mop for any other floors, except the marble floors. Use either clean terrycloth towels or soft paper towels to wipe up the moisture from the whole surface of the floor. For sugar based stains, moisten a household sponge in warm water that has a few drops of liquid dish detergent added. We clean and restore stone materials to a clean condition, as best we can. Clean and our expert house cleaners how to clean and remove the toughest of stains and learn the latest in home cleaning techniques. Always test your cleaning or stain removal treatments in an inconspicuous area first, to ensure colorfastness and suitability.

It’s not decayed jungle flora a hundred-million years ago, changed by pressure and heat into some lovely expensive, light refracting gemstone! In the areas or regions where marble is now mined, the miners also find fossils of sea creatures along with chunks of limestone which is also a by-product of sea shells. A good way to perk up a marble counter or coffee table is to start by washing it with a clean soft cloth dipped in a special solution. Dip the cloth into the solution, wet thoroughly, then wring out and wipe all over the marble. Allow to dry for a moment, then rinse with fresh water on a damp rag, and dry thoroughly.

You don’t want that to happen so take a few precautions with your other furniture and – the other residents of your home. If that’s not feasible, be sure to use pads or furniture protectors under the feet of the tables, chairs, or china cabinets.

It’s also possible to cut felt pads and glue that onto the bottom of the furniture. Use dust mops – not brooms – to sweep up surface dirt or dust from marble. When the marble needs a “mopping”, use a clean, new sponge mop dipped in fresh clean water. You’ll need to dip your mop frequently into the clean water and rinse out the dirt. Don’t leave water on the surface of the marble when you are through damp mopping. After the floor is completely dry, you may buff it with dry paper towels to restore the shine.

You may not have the time to do a thorough cleaning or mopping but, if you use caution, you may make short work of stains before they are set in. Scrub the spot, rinse well with clean water, and dry with a paper towel.

Rub first, then flood the stain, and immediately wipe up excess water. As with all stains, we recommend quick action before the stain is absorbed and dries on your marble floor.

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Luckily marble polishing powder can easily remove these annoying marks with relative ease. Once you have read this buyers guide you will know how to remove marble etch marks quickly and easily and which tools you will need to get the job done! Etch marks typically show up as light dull marks because when the acid reacts with the marble surface it physically dissolves part of the top surface of the marble. This newly exposed marble is not polished and therefore looks dull compared to its great looking polished surroundings. It makes the process easier to manage, and if the marble etch mark is not removed on the first try then you can always repeat the process. Be sure to wet the white towel as well as the marble polishing powder. Do not use a lot of pressure, rub at high frequency in a nice circular motion.

Be sure to wear gloves when handling the marble polishing powder! It removes the etch mark by polishing the dull unpolished part of the mark making it look like its polished shiny marble surroundings. Etch marks occur when acids come in contact with marble, and the acid reacts with the marble’s surface dissolving parts of the marble leaving behind dull marks.

So unfortunately, when acids touch marble, the acids almost instantly create light dull marks called etch marks in a matter of seconds. Once part of the marble is dissolved, marble below the surface is exposed. Once you are finished, clean up using a marble cleaner to make the marble look even better. The marble polishing powder works as an abrasive marble polish that actually polishes the marble surface.

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Restore the shine to your polished marble and travertine surfaces with this very popular and effective professional-grade marble polishing & etch repair product. These stones require the service of a stone restoration professional. Such substances cause “acid etching” or “chemical etching”. Etching is actual physical damage that removes the polished (shiny) layer and eats into the stone.

The original shiny polish on your marble countertops and floors was created by friction and abrasion.

I made up the paste material and tried a small area by hand and then with a slow speed circular hand buffer. I will continue to use this over the next 2 weeks to finish the floor. It actually worked-unlike so many products that claim they do but don’t. The acid in the vomit immediately ruins the shine and no amount of cleaner, lotion or cream has ever worked.

I have many areas to do still, as well as the marble in the bathroom, especially around the toilet area. I tried a test on about 4″ x 4″ of the etched spot and your product worked great. In the right light you could see all the marks and it drove me crazy. I have a very dark granite so you can seriously see etching in light reflections and both spots cleaned up very well. It couldn’t really be considered a scratch either, more like the polish was scrapped off in a squiggly line.

He worked on it for about an hour with a piece of wax and cotton cloth. What little is now visible just looks like a natural part of the stone. It looks like a complete mess now and will need professional repair. Note that you aren’t actually “removing” the spot but rather re-polishing it to make the dull spot shiny. They had etchings and rings all over them and was going to have to replace them. Great to hear that it worked on your man-made marble composite countertop. We sincerely aim to help you solve your stone care issues and not just sell a product. I rarely provide reviews but wanted to share my experience with this miraculous product. I used the marble repair rub and was able to buff out the etch marks on my marble countertop in my bathroom. We are happy to provide all help necessary regarding proper product choice and use.

Various care & repair issues can occur with marble each requiring a different product and correct diagnosis to resolve. It is easy to use and leaves my marble table top so shiny and clean. Knowing that this product works so well makes me much less anxious about people using my counters ;). I have also done several applications of the product on the travertine in our shower and am starting to see some results.

In the end it looks quite nice and unless you are really looking it is as good as new. It seems that the polish has a variable abrasive property so that as you start rubbing it is course but as you work it over time it becomes a fine, almost creamy polish. I am new to marble and no one besides me will ever notice there was anything wrong with the piece as bad as it was. The product may seem expensive compared to a regular “cleaner”, however, it is super-cheap compared to professional re-polishing, which is your only other option. We had just installed a new vanity with a marble top and the plumber put something on the polished surface that caused a dull area about 8 inches in diameter. If used in this manner, it will seem like the product doesn’t “work”.

The etch remover worked great with little effort, spots are gone! It seeped over several hours onto the marble creating at least a 1 foot round intensely dark stain. From my perspective the etch remover was easy to use and an amazing product. Within a few minutes of making a paste of your product and rubbing the worse spot 30 or 40 times, it was gone! I cannot thank you enough for this great etch remover product! My counter top was cloudy and stained and this product brought it back to its beautiful luster and shine. We had horrible water stains and some other type of waxy haze on our countertops, this product totally works! We did attempt to contact you to provide assistance and solve the issue.

It is common for people to confuse etching with staining (this product will not remove stains). Again, thank you for a simple magic product that saves us lots of agony and costly repair.

The product not only did not restore the shine but it dulled the surrounding area where it came into contact with the surface too! You are not actually “removing” a spot, but re-polishing a damaged (think scratched) surface. Then, inspect and repeat again using small amounts of paste in short sessions until you have restored the color and shine. I had a sick child in the bathroom whose vomit left some horrible etch marks. I buy a lot of stuff online and try to rely on the reviews of the products. I say sometimes because if you rely on product reviews for dog allergies, don’t believe any of them. Like others have mentioned it does take a bit of elbow grease, but in the end our marble vanity looks actually better than new.

You just don’t put it on like a car polish, you have to keep rubbing. Although not all of the etching disappeared, our marble counter now is so polished it glows. The installer tried everything and was unsuccessful in removing the rings.

All etch marks are the same except for degree of severity, so the product will restore the other etch marks. Marble requires different techniques at various points in the process and this product will not be sufficient for severe etching. The most common mistake is not working the product long enough or failing to make sufficient applications. I had been meaning to call a professional stone worker over to have it refinished, but kept putting it off. I was delighted and product was delivered promptly without a hassle. The parts that weren’t etched shine brilliantly and look saturated with finish and the parts that were etched are coming back to their full luster. I ended up doing the entire bathroom countertop and it now sparkles. My wife had a glass of sparkling water that spilled on the marble by our cat. I called customer servive for some pointers and they were very friendly and helpful. Our marble bath vanity was basically ruined with hard water stains and deposits from other failed cleaning and polishing products.

With a little elbow grease, this product proved them wrong and saved the floor, and it looks even better than it did before! Restoring the shine is a process of rubbing the paste on the etch mark until it is shiny again. The etching was very prominent before application but is not so noticeable after just one application. Just a little dab and some gentle rubbing was enough to get off the stains and grime. Not only are the spots gone, the whole countertop is actually shinier than when it was new! After applying this product (and also adding a sufficient amount of elbow grease) the water spots are gone and the table looks like new again. The most common mistake is stopping before the process is complete.

Not for use on honed or other non -polished surfaces (it will make the surface shiny). The acids and chemicals can corrode or “etch” the surface creating dull spots, clear or light-colored spots and glass-rings. Nothing is absorbed into the stone, so etching is not related to sealing. I feared it was permanently damaged, or at the minimum, would require professional repair.

My long-haired cat has many hairballs and vomits onto the marble floors.

This polishing powder took care of it and now you’d never know those marks ever existed. I complained to the home builder and he sent someone out from the place they purchase the granite from. It took considerable rubbing and buffing, but you can barely see it now. It’s not a product that can simply be wiped off, you have to be willing to rub and buff until the film/residue is gone. With very little effort this product restored the shine beautifully! The product must be applied in repeated small applications until the shine is restored. This may seem like nonsense, but it is how the process of restoring marble works. The product removed all the stains and they look brand new. Often etching on such surfaces is not repairable even with our professional-grade product.

If you sand just a little, all you will do is rough up the surface. But continue sanding, sanding, sanding and eventually, the wood will look and feel super smooth. The number of applications needed varies depending on the severity and size of the mark and, in some cases, on the particular marble color. You taught me how to pinpoint the exact damage, etching, which led to me choosing the proper product to correct it. In the past, we hired a stone contractor to polish the marble to remove such rings/etchings/marks. We encourage you and all customers to simply contact us with any questions at any time. I would highly recommend – even if you don’t have etching, you will eventually and it is awesome to have on hand. There were many rings from the bottom of glasses and a lot of splatter spots. The few remaining areas are from glass rings that started a few inches in diameter and about a quarter of an inch or more thick. The spots from splatters varied but a single spot might take two to three minutes to polish to oblivion or for an area with many a 10″ x 10″ area might take 30 minutes to make them all go away.

Thus, the number of applications and time to repair will vary for each mark as well. It worked great and was extremely quick and easy to use on our calacatta gold countertops! The most common issue we see is customers expecting the product to simply wipe on and wipe off and giving up too soon.

I was amazed at how easy it worked to remove the chemical etching on my marble floor. I was having some floor repair done and the workers laid a bag that had a petroleum based product that had spilled in the bottom of it on the counter. I applied it, checked to see if the etching was gone and when it wasn’t reapplied it for a total of about 3 times. All that is left is a light impression of the paper towel in a few areas, and you can only see it if the light is right and you know where to look. It does take some “elbow grease” but nothing an ordinary person cannot handle. Used the wrong cleaner on the marble in the master bath and ruined it. The etches have completely disappeared and the counter top looks like new!

Yes, this does take a lot of elbow grease — so not sure if you can actually restore the shine by hand, but with a soft buffing pad and some patience it does work and it works great! This product absolutely will restore etching on marble, however, it must be applied correctly and for the correct problem. I thought it was not going to be able to remove the water marks of my marble counter top. After much hesitation and skepticism, we finally tried the paste on our marble this past weekend, and were truly amazed of how well the damaged tiles were restored.

We are quite happy that most of the original dull spots now were no longer noticeable. I already highly recommended your product to some of my best friends. The product is working exactly as it should, but of course you are unfamiliar with it and gave up too soon. I know it seems like it made it worse since you now have a larger dull spot, but that is a normal step in the process. The degree of effort and number of times you need to apply the product depends on the marble and the severity of the etching. Visions of professionals ripping up my tile or other professional work was swirling through my head.

I decided that vinegar would get rid of that and it did and in the process it also did a great job of etching the marble. For those that gave this product a bad review, you have to keep rubbing repeatedly and put some pressure behind it. Best of all the wife is happy, a happy wife is a happy home! After the polish we wanted to see how to remove etch rings in the future – so we tried this product. Sometimes you need to use it more than once on the same etch mark but it eventually removes the etch. In the very rare instance you have severe etching (rough to the touch) then you’ll need to hire a professional to restore the finish.

You are not actually “removing” the etch mark from the surface, but rather “restoring” the polish/shine to the marble. I used the marble cleaning spray first, as recommended, and oh wow – it smells like yummy chocolate! You will see the shine come back as you continue to work the product into the marble. It took me about 15minutes of polishing to get rid of a big dull spot and a few etch marks on my vanity countertop.

It does dry up quickly so you have to keep on adding a little water. The lime in the sparling water etched the marble even though my wife cleaned in up immediately. After using many other products (and having a marble/stone care specialist recommend that we just have it replaced) — these products have worked amazingly well. I received multiple estimates of several hundred dollars to professionally repolish the floors. I got today, used a lot of elbow grease, and have restored 90-95% of the shine after 1 application. We had tried to clean it up with ammonia, mineral spirits, and just elbow grease to no avail. The powder is re-polishing the damaged area and must be rubbed on the etch mark until  it is restored. It’s best to make several small/short applications using a new spoonful of powder each time until the shine and color are restored. Repeat this process as many times as needed until you restore the shine and blend with the rest of the surface. A power tool with buffing pad may be used, however, with caution or you risk burning swirl marks into the marble.


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  1. Marble is one of the few stones which have many uses across the domains. Marble has the chemical properties that make it useful in construction, agriculture, cosmetics, and paint. However, it is mostly used in constructions because of the beauty it provides to the structure. The Taj Mahal and Lincoln
    memorial are considered as some of the most beautiful structures in the world which are made of marbles.
    But, there is always another side of the coin. Marbles get easily stained due to the pollutions and dust. Once marbles get stained, they start to look ugly and old. Thus marble restoration is considered important as does not only clean it resulting in beautiful looking but also increases its life. Marble restoration in Sydney is provided by many service providers but Sydney Stone Polishing is considered as one of the best in the whole of Australia. The expertise and experience Sydney Stone Polishing has in marble cleaning, stone polishing, bench top cleaning, marble sealing, and marble restoration make it one of the best. The expert team takes a scientific approach in their work and takes a four-step process for total marble rejuvenation. Let’s see what these steps are-
    · Grinding – this is the process of removing any roughness present on the marble as it blocks light from entering inside and resulting in the diminishing glow. After grinding, the surface becomes smooth again and all the dust and ledges are also removed.
    · Honing – by this process experts smoothens the surface of the marble resulting in bringing back the shine. This is very helpful where there is more contact between shoes and marbles. Sydney Stone Polishing uses diamond pads to scratch and smoothens the surface of the marble.
    · Polishing – In this step, experts use marble stripper to polish the marble so that the shine stays for a longer time and also resist dust and stains. It is repeated as many times as needed to get that perfect glossy look.
    · Sealing – marbles of kitchen, bathrooms, counters, and benchtops come in contact with many chemicals and oils that make it stained and ugly. Thus, our experts seal marbles in these places appropriate sealants so that the shine stays longer. This process not only makes your marbles beautiful but also elongates their life manifold. Finding the best marble restoration in Sydney has never been so easy. All of this comes at very affordable prices. Make the ugly looking marbles way beautiful with Sydney Stone Polishing’s service of marble restoration in Sydney

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