Some travertine stones have small pits/voids where dirt can get trapped or some holes/voids wear out making very ugly black pits in the floor. Using the truckmounted cleaning process, stone safe travertine cleaner and epoxy or cementitious travertine filler always gets the job done right. We price these types of jobs by the time involved to remove the damage. Your travertine will look brand new – giving you home a completely different look.

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These holes, if not properly filled, can fill up with dirt – making your floors look dirty no matter what you do. This will not only keep your floors and counters looking great bit will save you money in the long run! He took the time to tape up the baseboards before he sprayed, scrubbed, and pressure washed the tile and grout. Bill was very knowledgeable, and spent time to answer our questions about tile and grout care. He came out and gave me an estimate on tile cleaning, grout cleaning and sealing and a little carpet cleaning. Bill and his assistant cleaned my travertine floors and they were pretty dirty before they touched them.

The honing process removes theses gouges – returning your floor to the same condition that it was on the day of install.

We can fill these holes with the proper material preventing this dirt build up. We will recommend the proper cleaning solutions as well as a cleaning and maintenance schedule. He even gave us a bit of left over cleaner to take care of any stubborn spots that did not come out from the initial wash. They came out looking like new and the results are amazing!

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The largest building in the world is actually constructed mostly of travertine. First and foremost, is to start with a floor that has been properly conditioned to last. Can the cracks and holes in my travertine floors be repaired? This has been accomplished by simply vacuuming on average 1 time a week and mopping once a month. I have absolutely no reservations in recommending this company for any grout work you may want done. He did such and excellent job and the hole in the floor is now invisible plus he did not even charge us for doing this work.

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William and his company came out and cleaned our grout, repaired the areas where grout was popping out and then stained our grout to new colors that matched the house better (honestly wish we would have done that part prior to deciding to sell). William and his crew showed up in the morning and diligently worked until the evening.

Trust us to repair, refinish, and restore your natural stone floor to look virtually new again! The major difference between other natural stones and travertine is evident in the formation, hardness and appearance of the rock.

Travertine is one of the more popular stones in modern architecture. The stone is characterized by the holes or troughs in its surface. This can include cleaning, polishing, patching holes, grinding and sealing. We do leave you with a produce we recommend after we service your travertine. We bought this house new almost to the day 2 years ago and the grout looks as good as it did when we moved in. Oh yes, while here been filled a hole that had been made on the floor when a barbell had been dropped. To my amazement the floors looked better than they ever did!

Hard working and in and out of your hair before you know it!

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Dull etch marks start appearing caused by acidic food and drink spills. Full refilling and honing can be a costly process, so we recommend a light honing starting at 200 grit.

Whilst the finish was poor, there was little lippage, so we didn’t need to grind the floor smooth. If the tiles are filled with epoxy, the epoxy will polish to a high shine. So if you are considering grinding your travertine floor, we recommend filling with epoxy filler as you will get a better finish and a harder filling material. In many cases, the costs of restoration will be mare than the cost of laying new tiles. In this case, the client wanted a smooth polished floor and did not want the upheaval of removing the existing tiles and replacing them with new tiles. Vein cut travertine tiles are cut from the end-grain of the stone to give their distinctive finish. Just like face cut tile, vein cut tiles can be cleaned and sealed to a dull, mid-sheen or finish.

Tiles can be dull or honed to give the surface a light sheen. The holes and crevices that make this kind of travertine so beautiful are the major source of disappointment. Holes can also get bigger as the edges break away or the filler comes out. The only way to remove the ingrained is with heavy duty cleaners and specialist cleaning equipment. This gets into the holes and pits, rinsing out the slurry and soil.

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In most cases the travertine suffers from etch marking, causing dull rough spots on the nice shiny surface.

This travertine vanity unit had a large etch mark from watermarking and attempts to remove it. Finally, we used polishing powders to restore the beautiful shine. That means you need to dry sweep your floors on a daily basis to remove grit and surface soil. A neutral stone cleaner is ideal clean travertine on a daily basis.

Daily maintenance products are not recommended to clean travertine with dirt that has built up over time in the pores of the tiles and grout. We have the equipment and experience to transform any travertine floor into a beautiful centrepiece for any room.

Traffic lanes will start to go dull with foot traffic wearing the surface. Scratches appear from tracked in grit and moving furniture across the floor strong cleaners will gradually degrade the finish. These before and after pictures show how travertine can be re-polished to a lustrous high-shine finish. The impregnating sealer does not change the high polish on the stone. The floor was honed using diamond honing tooling starting at 100 grit and finishing at 3, 000 grit before polishing with marble polishing powder and applying an impregnating sealer. Full refilling and honing can be a costly process, so we recommend a light honing starting at 200 grit. This light honing will not remove deep scratches and damage, however, it will not remove existing filler and it will not expose new holes in the travertine. The floor is then sealed with an impregnating sealer. So after a travertine floor has been ground, the tiles need to be filled with hard epoxy or grout.

If the tiles are filled with grout, the grout will not polish and remain dull. The work shown in the photos shows the results of grinding a travertine floor and the end results. Tumbled travertine tiles can be really difficult to keep clean, especially if they are not sealed properly, or if the original seal has worn away. But all is not lost, proper cleaning and using the right sealer can make a tumbled travertine floor look beautiful again and much easier to keep clean. First a suitable deep cleaner is applied and this is scrubbed into the stone to release the soil particles into a slurry. A wet vacuum will remove the slurry from most of the holes, but it can’t remove slurry that is trapped in deep holes and small pits.

Our “clean and capture” equipment sprays hot water onto the stone.

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Etching is damage caused by acidic liquids spilling onto the stone. Many of these liquids are common in kitchens and bathrooms, exactly where homeowners love to use travertine!

We restored the finish by honing the travertine with honing pads and honing powders.

Ideally, you should also damp mop on a daily basis with specialist travertine cleaning chemicals and a microfiber mop. It is great for cleaning and nourishing your floor to keep it looking beautiful. It has fine pores and fissures in the surface that can fill up with fine dirt particles. We know the best cleaners to use and more importantly how to use them.

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Travertine sealing essentially helps slow down the absorption rate of water and oil based spills. This will ensure that your floors will remain looking great for years to come. The photo below illustrates what happens to tumbled travertine after being color enhanced. Our travertine tile was disgusting and he made it look like it had just been put in.

Our process can safely remove years of heavy build up and grime that can dull the surface of your once beautiful looking travertine tile. Using cleaning agents that are specifically formulated for your type of stone is a critical part of this process. At times this can be done on a spot by spot basis but typically a full service travertine honing or polishing is required to get the best finished product.

Giving you time to wipe up the spill before it absorbs into the stone or grout. If requested, we also offer a color enhancing sealer that when applied will darken, enrich and highlight the natural color of your travertine and protect it from water and oil based stains at the same time. A professional carpet, stone and tile cleaner is standing by to show you just how clean and beautiful your carpet, tile floors, counters or showers can be. Someone will get back to you within 24 hours to schedule your appointment.

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I am assuming that the entire floor has to be scrubbed with a white or red pad, extracted, dried thoroughly and then sealed? Once you are done the floor cleaning, go back to where you started and begin sealing. I seal with a spray bottle and a white pad, and work the sealer into the floor until it’s completely dry.

I was thinking instead of using a white pad to clean, use a 1500 or 3000 grit monkey/spinergy pad to clean. Does pouras pro and duraprotect require the floor to be bone dry?

Does pouras pro and duraprotect require the floor to be bone dry? They just do not work the same as solvent based, and even the best ones leave a less than desirable finish. If the stone is not dry, you are sealing the moisture in the stone. For best performance, when using water based sealer the floor should be pretty dry. What really determines the performance of a sealer are the solids (the ingredients other than water or solvent).

I can only assume that the grout haze has to be totally removed prior? If the floor is honed you can use a buckaroo/nature/brown/whatever pad is a little rougher than the white- without any worry. After the floor is cleaned, thoroughly dry the area with your wet-vac and some rags, travertine is very porous, so the water from your wash should dry out very quickly.

I find this is more effective than wiping or mopping it on, since the pad pushes the sealer into the pores and creates a little bit of heat helping with absorbtion.

Newly laid travertine floors rarely have tiles that match in polish. The only way to get an even look is to hone them all and leave it or polish them all to the same level. This way it will give the floor a touch of uniformity in appearance since it has never been polished. No (good sealer) will hide the haze and dullness from the factory finish.

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That water will eventually work its way out somewhere and can cause efflorescence wherever the moisture works it’s way out. Not a positive, but not as bad as trying to put solvent based sealer over a wet floor.

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His knowledge and expertise in all aspects of tile repair and cleaning is so far beyond anyone out there.

They always do a great job and leave the place spotless when there done. My dog walked on the grout that was not dry and they just fixed it no problem.


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