Outdoor-rated appliances and a low-maintenance paint finish on the cabinets combat saltwater corrosion. The natural ventilation of the big room has proved so comfortable in summer that family members often chat into the wee hours and inflate air mattresses to convert the spacious area into a sleeping porch. Stainless steel mesh screening has a black anodized finish that looks nearly invisible, so the four sides of the room feel magically open to the outdoors.

Until they built the addition, the long, beautiful view of the water wasn’t visible from where they entertained. Stainless steel mesh screening has a black anodized finish that looks nearly invisible, so the four sides of the room feel magically open to the outdoors.

13 Dream Outdoor Kitchens For The Ultimate Entertaining | Duration 2 Minutes 4 Seconds

Merle placed it so the chef could see straight to the creek while serving guests at the dining table. Great care was taken to choose weather-resistant teak dining furniture, upholstery fabrics, appliances, and cabinet paint finishes that are impervious to the corrosive marine environment. Kitchen cabinets elevated on stainless steel legs let the water wash beneath. In cool months, they set beach stones that have been warmed by the fire around the room to act as heaters. Outdoor-rated appliances and a low-maintenance paint finish on the cabinets combat saltwater corrosion. The natural ventilation of the big room has proved so comfortable in summer that family members often chat into the wee hours and inflate air mattresses to convert the spacious area into a sleeping porch.

Outdoor Kitchen Designs Guide: 15 Recommended Features by installitdirect.com

If you are creating even a small outdoor cooking area, you can certainly find room for a refrigerator, and this is the type of feature you will likely regret not installing if you use the space for something else. This one is listed first because, aside from a grill, it really should be at the top of your list of features to consider. It is the perfect addition to compliment a built-in refrigerator filled with your favorite beverages. If you would rather have a refrigerator that can hold enough bottles of wine to serve your party throughout the night or more than 100 cans of soda or beer to serve your guests, then a beverage refrigerator will better suit your needs. This budget-friendly option will conveniently hold beverages for your guests during your next weekend get-together and is the perfect choice for a casual outdoor living area. This one depends entirely on how you plan to use your outdoor living area and the types of gatherings you envision having there. If your parties — or evenings with your family — involve mixing drinks, you might consider installing a patio bar to make it easy and convenient to craft cocktails while you entertain. One reason to consider it is that there are many options on the market that have a charcoal grill on one side and a gas grill on the other. Another reason to consider a two-sided grill is so that you can have one side for grilling meats and one side for grilling bread, vegetables, and other non-meat items. Some folks who strictly avoid meat also avoid foods cooked on surfaces where meat is cooked, so you can better accommodate this growing group of potential party guests by having a grill just for veggies.

Outdoor Kitchen Builder Shows Us A Tremendous Outdoor Covered Kitchen With Best Of The Best | Duration 4 Minutes 3 Seconds

For a patio kitchen, this handy feature allows you to keep burgers and hot dogs warm when cooking large quantities, keep foods prepared indoors warm while you are grilling the rest of the meal, warm up bread rolls or simply keep food warm for guests who show up fashionably late. This is a really versatile addition that will make your patio kitchen more functional and make outdoor cooking more convenient. Installing one or two burners, or a full range, expands your patio cooking options and allows you to make a broader range of dishes without having to run back and forth between the stove in your indoor kitchen and the grill in your outdoor kitchen.

You can also roast meats, bake bread, cook calzones or grill seafood. Most folks know that smokers bring delicious flavors to meats, but you can also smoke lots of other foods. At a minimum, make sure you at least include electrical outlets so that you can bring small appliances, like blenders, outdoors when necessary. Having at least one of two storage drawers allows you to keep cooking utensils and knives close at hand and can save you from running to your indoor kitchen every time you need a towel or pot holder. You can even keep a separate set of pots and pans outdoors to truly make it a stand-alone kitchen with all of your cooking necessities. This is a luxury addition that most folks do not include, but just imagine how convenient it would be to have one and how much it will impress your guests. This is particularly true if you plan to peel vegetables, wash dishes or rinse dishes to put in your outdoor dishwasher.

An outdoor fridge is perfect for keeping salads cold while you grill the meat, storing beverages for a party or keeping condiments close at hand.

While this one is not necessarily a must have since you can bring ice from inside or purchase ice for your party, it is definitely a nice addition that will make entertaining more convenient and is sure to impress your guests. If you think you will use it for storing condiments or keeping food cold during your party, then a conventional fridge is the way to go. If this is going to be the outdoor equivalent of a man cave, a draft beer dispenser is probably a must.

Serving beer on tap to your guests means fewer cans and bottles to clean up after the party as well. Just think how convenient it would be to have a well for liquor bottles instead of having them cluttering your countertop or how nice it would be to install a bottle opener with a bottle cap catcher to avoid bottle caps all over your yard. This allows grilling enthusiasts to enjoy the best of both worlds without having to purchase two grills. This one is particularly important for people who have vegetarians or vegans in the family or for those who might have vegan guests at their parties. You can even use a warming oven as a slow cooker for meats and other dishes. Side burners are so handy that many portable grills come with one or two now, and they are commonly seen in larger or more upscale patio kitchens. Remember, pizza ovens are good for cooking more than just traditional pizzas.

A good blender can make much more than margaritas; you can also make fresh salsas, smoothies, and even hot soups to enjoy with your family or serve to your guests. Cabinets are great to have and are necessary for storing kitchen essentials, but drawers come in very handy when it comes to storing smaller necessities. If you dine outdoors often, you may want to consider filling your cabinets and drawers with a separate set of dishes and silverware just for your al fresco dining room. While you can also use your sink to wash the dishes and utensils we mentioned above, you can spend more time with your guests or enjoying your outdoor living area and less time cleaning up if you install an outdoor dishwasher to wash them for you.

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The grill is one of the most important pieces of your outdoor kitchen, take a look at our best built-in gas grills for 2019 to get an idea of what various grill brands have to offer.

Outdoor Kitchen Design By Outdoor Kitchen And Grills | Duration 2 Minutes 42 Seconds

Check out our helpful guide to assist you in what you need to get started.

Our experts show you just what you need to do it yourself!

Contact one of our knowledgeable experts to help plan your dream outdoor kitchen.

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Not all are large and flooded with natural light and original hardwood floors, but some of the same guiding principles apply regardless of what your space looks like. A good place to start when approaching a kitchen renovation is to ask yourself what you want out of the room and why you want to change it in the first place. We’ve broken down all the elements of a renovation and pulled together our top kitchen ideas into the ultimate guide that will help you create your best kitchen yet.

Warmer colors like red are thought to stimulate appetite while white offers a clean, fresh aesthetic. If you’re on the fence about an all white kitchen browse through our list of quick tips to impress when using the color white in your space. There are other ways to revamp cabinets whether that’s by adding lighting, new hardware or a fresh coat of paint. Consider our tips for selecting a material for your floors, which will help you choose what works best for your space. There are a number of different pros and cons to consider when deciding between laminate and hardwoods, the main advantage being that laminate costs up to 50% less than hardwood. Tile can also be used in different places–from the backsplash to the floor to the counter–and we have 6 tips for choosing the perfect tile application for your kitchen. There are many advantages to having a kitchen island, from extra seating and food prep area to additional storage space. A good rule of thumb is to allow for at least 36-48 inches between the perimeter of the island the surrounding cabinets so there’s enough room for people to move around. Almost any type of material can work for a backsplash as long as it’s properly sealed from the classic and versatile subway tile to modern stainless steel and solid glass to natural stone. and sometimes the easiest way to make the room more spacious is to keep countertops organized and clutter-free so you have a usable space for food prep.

Other creative options to revamp your kitchen include displaying personal decorative items like cookbooks and photos or opening up the space by knocking down a wall or two. Browse through our five favorite wall decoration ideas, from chalkboard walls to open shelving, for inspiration that you can apply to your own space. So from outdoor kitchen ideas to new kitchen innovations, we’ve got everything you need to imagine your dream space.

Do you have an outdated kitchen that requires a total overhaul? Once you’ve identified the problems in your kitchen, determine what your budget is and decide if you’re going to do the work yourself or hire a contractor. Before starting a kitchen remodel, or any other type of big project in your home, be informed about things like building codes and permits and watch out for these 10 things not to do. The good news is that paint color is easily changeable so if you want a bold statement wall then paint is a better way to do that than tile (which is more expensive and harder to swap out).

Choosing a monochromatic color palette, where you base the whole color scheme off of one main color, is another popular option.

Preferred Builds The Ultimate Fun Outdoor Kitchen | Duration 45 Seconds

Nearly every material comes in white (and white appliances are now updated and back in style) and look through our favorite 50 white kitchen ideas for inspiration. Though replacing all of your cabinetry can deliver a large return on investment, doing so can be extremely expensive.

From refacing to replacing we’ve collected different kitchen cabinet ideas for budget-friendly ways to breath life into old cabinetry to more modern styles.

Hardwood floors are desirable and provide a classic look, but can be replicated by laminate which is a much cheaper alternative. According to a recent survey, 70% of buyers want an island in their kitchen, and of those, 50% consider it a must-have item. If you’re not sure what you want, look through our 30 favorite modern takes on kitchen islands. There are many different options but here are 14 of our favorite kitchen backsplash ideas. Luckily there are many places to sneak functional storage space into your kitchen pantry, ways to make kitchen storage more efficient and ideas for laying out a kitchen for the best workflow. There are many ways to decorate on a tight budget and create a luxury kitchen for a fraction of the price by doing things like using stylish ceramic tile in place of marble. Another cheap way to make a noticeable difference is to switch out the hardware on drawers and cabinets, like changing out old tarnished pulls and knocks with modern brass fixtures.

Designing The Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen by porch.com

An outdoor kitchen can be a beautiful addition to your backyard or patio. Because a full outdoor kitchen is nearly as large as an actual indoor kitchen, most homeowners place it wherever there is enough space for the equipment as well as any overhanging structures like an arbor or gazebo. If you have a swimming pool or spa, placing the outdoor kitchen near this area can allow you to create a swim-up dining or bar area.

It’s a good idea to have a detailed list of your desired appliances and features you want for your outdoor kitchen before the project begins so that the plumbing and wiring can be laid out accordingly. Regardless of your flooring choice, you’ll want to ensure that the surface is angled towards a drain (most patios are slightly angled for water drainage) or angled away from the home. The overall structure of the outdoor kitchen needs to be durable and strong, and once complete, you may not be able to easily reconfigure the island cabinetry. Very often this metal base structure is covered or wrapped in a veneer of stone or another durable material, which can withstand both the heat and the cold.

Outdoor Kitchen Overview | Duration 2 Minutes 40 Seconds

While others prefer the flavor of traditional charcoal or a wood-burning smoker. Over time, grease and smoke can discolor and even damage nearby walls and siding. You’ll also want room for beverages and possibly space for an eat-in area or bar seating. A sink is a great way to ensure dishware and hands are clean and sanitary, and some outdoor sinks are fitted with both hot and cold taps. Some outdoor kitchens are also fitted with an ice maker, and this machine will require a dedicated water line. It’s important to consider the type of lighting for your outdoor kitchen.

Depending on your regional climate, some homeowners add outdoor fans, cooling misters, or heating elements to help make this outdoor space comfortable.

Even in colder regions, homeowners are demanding features to their patios and backyards that go way beyond the standard gas grill and patio table. You’ll want to make sure that there is also room to accommodate tables and seating to complete your outdoor entertaining area.

Because of the complexity of a fully equipped outdoor kitchen, a licensed professional should be hired to complete the plumbing and electrical requirements. It may be difficult to add on features once the kitchen is complete. Outdoor kitchen floors are subject to a lot of wear and tear like stains, oil or grease spills, water, foot traffic as well as dirt and debris. For these reasons, many experts advise sealed stone, pavers or poured concrete. Cabinet fronts tend to be made from a durable material, like stainless steel, but a properly covered outdoor kitchen may feature wood cabinets. Some at-home chefs prefer the speed and convenience of a gas grill, and may even install a dedicated gas line. Outside ventilation hoods function in the same manner as they do inside the home: it works to draw smoke, grease, heat and odor away from the cooking area.

If your cooking equipment is powerful or will produce a lot of smoke or grease, consider installing a ventilation hood outdoors.

You’ll need a place to queue up food ready to be cooked and a place to rest food that’s done cooking. Although most people agree that you can never have too much counter space, you’ll want to aim for at least 24-inches on either side of the grill. This is especially true if the outdoor kitchen is located away from the inside kitchen or if you plan on doing a lot of food prep and cleanup outdoors. Refrigerators are generally below counter versions and can help ensure food safety by keeping foods at the correct temperature.

Outdoor Kitchens With Pizza Oven And Built In Grill | Duration 1 Minutes 19 Seconds

Lighting should be installed not only so you can see what you are cooking once the sun sets, but to help with safety when walking around outdoors. Bright flood or safety lights can often blind the eyes at night, so low-level lighting can help illuminate walkways, stairs or transition areas. Having an even amount of lighting is better than having only one or two really bright lights. Cooking outdoors in the summer can often be really hot and uncomfortable for the chef, so adding some type of shading can make this space much more enjoyable.

How To Build The Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen Designs by diyhomeart.com

Unlike the traditional kitchen, you cannot build the outdoor cooking spaces with the proper storage or even fridge without having to spend thousands of dollars. There are plenty durable countertops to support your outdoor kitchen island including stone, concrete, and tile.

This way, you can decide to install a grill on top, sink, or refrigerator. The outdoor kitchen grills are excellent choice to prepare a family dinner in the summer and depending on the kitchen style, you can choose a different way to get the grills. However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot have a standee or get different grilling station to prepare the ultimate barbecue. It’s best to utilize a portable shelter so you can remove it when the summer arrives. All images or other materials were taken from the web and believed to be in the public domain.

If it’s permanent, you better choose something durable enough to withstand the changing weather.

Another serious consideration when setting up the island is whether you want it to be portable or not. If your outdoor kitchen is a permanent space, installing the grills over an island is most suitable. Be sure to install roof and protect the utensils during the winter.

Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen Design Guide by countertopspecialty.com

You’ll get many years of fun and enjoyment from your new outdoor kitchen, although before that happens, you have endless possibilities to ponder and many decisions to make. And things like you don’t want your grill (hot) right next to your fridge (cold). You’ll want a countertop that is easy to use and clean and will last and last without looking shabby. You could fry an egg on granite, or ceramic tile or pretty much any type of countertop if exposed to direct sunlight for several hours. Gas grills offer more cooking power and greater temperature control with more features such as separate burners and rotisseries. So take your time picking out the one that will best suit your needs and plans. Under the grill or burners, it’s nice to have a drawer or two or three to store/warm hamburger and hot dog buns, foods waiting to be grilled, utensils or spices. If you want to get real fancy, you can install specially constructed pull outs for trash, ice, paper towels. Items that benefit or don’t pose any danger from heat go near the grill (warming trays, pots and pans).

But also picking a location close to the house makes hooking up utilities much easier and less expensive. The shelter, whether a large enclosure with a roof, a pergola or an area umbrella should allow for quick venting of smoke off the grill.

But before you empty your wallet on that imported teak dining set with bar stools…. You’ll need: 32-36 inches for the height of your countertop and at least. Or you can buy just the frames or build your own with with steel or wood but it must be watertight. The only difference is that it’s made with a waterproof glue, so you need to properly protect it. Then the tile or stone or brick veneer can be affixed to the cement backer board. The grill and countertop are then installed into and/or on the cabinet base.

And although some aspects of building outdoor kitchens can be handled by the competent do-it-yourselfer (particularly if no utilities are involved), the complete project can involve extensive and specialized installations that are best left to professionals.

Of course, the most important factor is exposure to all the elements. If you live in a hot and sunny climate, then providing for shade is a no-brainer, but especially important over the countertops.

Darker colors will be hotter and lighter colors cooler to the touch. Of course, maintenance of outdoor kitchen countertops should factor into your decision. Additionally, you’ll need to consider barbecue grill safety and installation issues like using an insulation jacket so the bbq grill can be installed into an island made of combustible materials. A couple dishwashers are rated for outdoor use, but a dishwasher is likely to be the most problematic appliance. Here again, be sure to group appliances and storage areas wisely by separating hot from cold. Nonetheless, locating your outdoor kitchen as close as possible to the indoor kitchen is still beneficial. Certainly, you’ll want some protection from the rain so grilling can continue even if the party must move indoors. In northern areas, you may want to maximize sun exposure, while southern backyard kitchens should provide shade either by location or the addition of a pergola or large umbrella. You don’t want to be so close that smoke from the grill is easily blown around seating areas, but taking advantage of walls and fences will make grilling more pleasant. This is done by using water-resistant wood or marine-grade plywood and covering the entire base with a waterproof membrane.

Installing a couple air vents in the cabinet base is a good idea too. Also, for all but the smallest installations it’s highly recommended to build the outdoor kitchen on a solid cement surface. When installing a tile countertop outdoors be sure to use cement backer board or at a minimum marine-grade plywood (1 ⅛ inch) substrate and cover it with a waterproof membrane as well. Water supply to the sink will need to be installed so it can drain in winter to prevent freeze damage and building codes will probably require the sink drain be connected to the main house drain. If your outdoor kitchen plan calls for cooking with natural gas vs. Of course, everything should be mapped out in advance to make sure you are able to get any permits required. But pretty much whatever you dream up can be built so get cookin’!

7 Tips For Designing The Best Outdoor Kitchen by porch.com

An outdoor kitchen expands your living space and allows you to cook, eat and entertain without having to book a reservation. Incorporating interior kitchen ideas to your outdoor setting is a great way to add versatility, value and fun to your home. An outdoor kitchen can be as simple as a grill, table and chairs, or as elaborate as a fully outfitted kitchen complete with built-in appliances and seating.

Regardless of whether you hire a pro or not, here are some expert tips to get your outdoor kitchen planning started.

Flooring such as tile or marble will be slick and slippery when wet and may not hold up to grease or food stains. Proper flooring will not only complete the overall look, but add durability and value to the end product. Choose materials that meet safety criteria, stay away from flooring that may be too slick or rugged, and select a material that can endure food spills and grease. So have a good idea of the general wind pattern in your yard and orient the grill appropriately.

Remember that outdoor cooking and entertaining frequently means carrying heavy platters from one place to another. Lastly, consider the overall traffic flow of your yard and the safety of your family. Just like an indoor kitchen, the outdoor kitchen is full of hazards so place it accordingly. A homeowner may want utilize several cooking and refrigeration appliances, and may have specific entertaining needs in mind. Leave enough space on either side of the grill to accommodate platters and tools, and don’t place appliances too close together.

Having various counter heights and work surfaces can allow for different functions within the outdoor kitchen. Keep the legs of the triangle no less than 4 feet and no longer than 9 feet. The difference is they must all be waterproof and durable to temperature changes. For a customized look, coordinate your flooring, countertops and cabinets, just like you would with your indoor kitchen. Visualizing how your outdoor kitchen will be used once it’s complete will help with your decision-making process. Choosing easy to clean and waterproof counters and cabinets will be beneficial in the long run. Some kitchens even include specialty appliances like a beer tap, smokers, hibachi grills and warming drawers. Stainless steel or ceramic appliances work great for all weather conditions, are very durable, and require low maintenance. Some outdoor kitchens are also fitted with other appliances to make the outdoor kitchen feel custom. Make sure you incorporate features that really make this space the center of your summer.

When it comes to furniture, choose durable pieces with comfortable outdoor cushions. Chairs that stack can help save space when it comes time to winterizing the patio. Some outdoor kitchens are being fitted with television sets, truly making the outdoor kitchen both the place to cook, eat, relax and entertain. You can incorporate different forms of shelter such as having a stone roof, or simply supplying patio umbrellas for coverage.

Colder regions may want heat lamps, a fire pit or fireplace to warm up the area. Outdoor lighting will not only extend your time outside, it offers safety for walkways, staircases and grilling areas.

The best outdoor kitchens are as functional as an indoor kitchen, as welcoming as a living room, and as entertaining as a family room. Be conscious of different weather climates that may occur as well as the overall weight of the appliances you are installing. If your outdoor space is on a deck consider re-staining or painting it to match the new renovations and ensure that the deck is in top condition. Take into consideration the types of entertaining you will be doing in your outdoor kitchen. The floor of your outdoor kitchen is not an element to be forgotten.

Very often the outdoor kitchen is located near wet surfaces like swimming pools and spa tubs. Firstly, you’ll want to make sure that smoke from the grill doesn’t waft back into the home. Secondly, if you frequently entertain, and don’t want to travel a long distance from the indoor kitchen to the outside, consider placing your grill and outdoor kitchen relatively near the entrance to the inside kitchen. Thirdly, if you want to maintain the view you currently have from inside the house to the outside, you’ll want to place the outdoor kitchen to the side or at an angle so that the view isn’t blocked. Good planning will help ensure that your outdoor kitchen is in the right location for your yard. The same working triangle used in the kitchen should be applied to the outdoor kitchen as well, especially if you plan on hiring caterers or have more than one cook. Traditional 36” high counters are prefect for standing pre work and cooking, 30” high surfaces are ideal for sitting and eating, and 42” high bar tables are great for standing or resting food and beverages. A good rule of thumb for distances around appliances is 36” for every person in the kitchen.

One option is to have stone and steel counters and cabinets; this provides a sleek and modern look as seen in the picture above. Will you be using this kitchen only in the summer months or year round?

Some sinks offer limited use for quick hand rinses while others may be used for washing large quantities of food. Calling a plumber to connect your outdoor sink to a water supply is an easy way to let a pro handle the hard work. Be sure a licensed electrician installs your electrical connections so you can be assured your outdoor kitchen is up to code. It’s an opportunity to enjoy the outdoor weather while having the comforts of your indoor space. Chairs, tables and decorative objects can complete the look, as will specialty lighting. Select the largest table you can for the space so you can use it as a buffet as well as a dining table. A small fountain or pond can also lend a relaxing ambiance to your outdoor kitchen.

Be sure it’s properly installed out of the elements and away from heat. Building a tall roof or pergola over your outdoor kitchen will allow you to enjoy cooking outdoors, even in the rain or extreme heat. For areas with pesky bugs or mosquitos, consider adding netting around the dining area or a mechanical mosquito device.

To prevent house fires, professionals never recommend operating a grill under eves or decks unless there is a professionally installed ventilation hood.

Backyard Makeover: The Ultimate Outdoor Space by houseandhome.com

Get her tips for creating a family-friendly outdoor environment that’s both relaxing for adults and fun for kids. A dining table is close to the kitchen for easy entertaining, while a pergola atop the space adds romance. The outdoor kitchen features a large barbecue and cabinetry that allows for a generous countertop for buffet-style meals. Beautiful blue fabrics with paisley and trellis patterns tie the modern-meets-traditional look together.

A comfortable seating area with an umbrella overlooks the hot tub, which functions year-round and gets more use than a pool. On the lower patio, a river-rock fireplace offers a cozy place to lounge and entertain.

Build Outdoor Kitchen Designs Ideas Plans Pictures by diyhomedesignideas.com

It is also wise to place a grill in areas that are more shaded to avoid overheating while cooking during the hot summer months. Some homeowners may want their outdoor kitchen to be an extension of the house, however, those who choose to place their kitchen farther away should try to keep the outdoor closer to their home.

A simple barbeque grill is no longer sufficient as outdoor kitchens are becoming more sophisticated with the addition of sinks, grills, outdoor fireplaces, cabinetry and countertops for cooking. You should determine how large you want your kitchen to be and what utilities you would like in your kitchen. However, you also want the area to be aesthetically pleasing when seen from inside. The most popular material being used for outdoor kitchen surfaces today is concrete countertops. If concrete countertops do not suit your style, there are many other options for kitchen countertops. After choosing on a countertop option, the type of wood for the cabinet must be decided.

Smoke from the grill blows downwind so you will want to strategically place the grill so that the smoke does not blow into the house or at your guests. The most popular addition to a backyard is an outdoor kitchen. Make sure the outdoor kitchen is close enough to the house to allow easy access to food and utensils. Because they are growing in size and functionality, the outdoor kitchen becomes the main focal point in the backyard. You want to place your outdoor kitchen in an area that will look out on to an area of the back yard that is pleasant to look at.

Once this is established you can focus on the style of your outdoor kitchen.

It is considered the best material to use because it is durable, easy to clean, a practical cooking surface, and visually pleasing. Another popular choice is granite countertops because of their durability and ease of maintenance.

Outdoor Kitchen Designs Ideas Plans For Any by danver.com

From transforming a built-in grill into a full outdoor kitchen to creating a luxurious outdoor entertaining area, we’re redefining the outdoor space. An outdoor kitchen is ideal for outdoor entertaining with family and friends and is an excellent investment to increase the value of a home. Homeowners are delighting their guests and giving dining alfresco a whole new meaning.

An outdoor kitchen is ideal for outdoor entertaining with family and friends and is an excellent investment to increase the value of a home. From transforming a built-in grill into a full outdoor kitchen to creating a luxurious outdoor entertaining area, we’re redefining the outdoor space.

7 Ways To Perk Up Patio by hgtv.com

It’s a functional focal point that invites relaxation and conversation amongst a crowd. Subtle bistro lights, an inviting fireplace, a grill station and cozy wicker furniture complete this outdoor room. From refrigerators to side burners, flat-screen televisions to surround sound, a full-service outdoor kitchen will take your patio to the next level.

Local craftsmen and artisans can be great resources for unique metal finds.

This living room takes advantage of gorgeous outdoor views year-round, while the patio is a pleasant place to lounge as evening breezes flow through the house.

135 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas Designs For 2019 by homestratosphere.com

You may also be interested in our extensive feature on outdoor patios, so be sure and check it out! We hope that you find this eclectic collection as inspiring as we have. Find more backyard ideas in our definitive guide to backyards! It requires additional elements that a kitchen has such as counterspace, refrigerator, cabinetry, etc. Another important element, in my view, is a dining area adjacent to the kitchen space. But when you add a dining area, you’ve created a full outdoor dining and kitchen space.

Every room you add to your home, including outdoor space, needs to be taken care of. It takes up too much space and it really isn’t necessary if you’re primarily grilling. It can be as small as 6 feet long by 18″ deep consisting of a grill and a little counterspace.

While you can have an oven, stove and wood-fired oven, usually the grill is the primary cooking appliance. Brick and rock are very popular for creating the base in which the grill is placed and counter tops placed on to of. This way you can fully stock your outdoor kitchen so it’s always ready for action. Of course having a kitchen, dining area and living room area requires a huge patio space, which is not always possible. Keep in mind though that brick isn’t the only option for building outdoor cabinetry.

Perusing the gallery below, be sure to note the varying ways that the outdoor kitchens are integrated with their respective homes. The common element is, of course, their functionality as a kitchen. An outdoor kitchen is perfect for entertaining, and such a space is sure to impress your guests as well as provide a cool, comfortable environment in which to dine.

The notion of combining two of our favorite activities – cooking and spending time outdoors – is irresistible! In some cases the difference between a grill and outdoor kitchen is blurred because some grills are mini-kitchens unto themselves. If you have just a grill and then you eat inside, it’s not really an outdoor kitchen space. Moreover, if you have a fully stocked outdoor kitchen, you’re always ready to cook and dine outside.

Check out our outdoor cost analysis article here to see how much these backyard features cost. There’s no single best option; it really depends on your home, property size and existing backyard features. The kitchen is a single line along the edge of the deck, patio or balcony. While kitchen islands are popular inside, they aren’t so much for outdoor kitchens. You don’t want your entire patio to be the kitchen; you must be judicious in how much space you devote to cooking. Or it can be hundreds of square feet and include every kitchen amenity you can imagine.

You could argue a grill is a necessity for an outdoor kitchen. This makes it possible to cook a variety of dishes, not just those you can do on a grill. The materials used to create the counters can vary and include rock, brick, wood and stainless steel. You can add an elevated tier to the counters for a bar counter or build out a separate bar area on the deck/patio. Some are used for cooking while others are merely for having fires. There are exceptions such as small balconies, but otherwise, if you built a full outdoor kitchen, you should incorporate a dining table.

I also love outdoor living rooms with patio sectionals and lounge chairs. This way you can really drill down to find exactly what you’re looking for.


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