If you use a low-flow showerhead, you can save 15 gallons of water during a 10-minute shower. It takes about 70 gallons of water to fill a bathtub, so showers are generally the more water-efficient way to bathe. Nearly 22% of indoor home water use comes from doing laundry. Dishwashing is a relatively small part of your water footprint—less than 2% of indoor use—but there are always ways to conserve. The average pool takes 22, 000 gallons of water to fill, and if you don’t cover it, hundreds of gallons of water per month can be lost due to evaporation.Another way is to choose grass-fed, rather than grain-fed, since it can take a lot of water to grow corn and other feed crops.

There are also water costs embedded in the transportation of food (gasoline costs water to make).

You would also get points, or a footprint reduction, for using energy-star appliances and taking other energy-efficiency measures. A gallon of gasoline takes nearly 13 gallons of water to produce. One of the best ways to conserve water is to buy recycled goods, and to recycle your stuff when you’re done with it. The water required to create your laptop could wash nearly 70 loads of laundry in a standard machine.Buying recycled paper products saves water too, as it takes about six gallons of water to produce a dollar worth of paper. How can you conform to the standards and help increase energy efficiency in your home?

Short of installing new water-efficient fixtures, one of the easiest, most effective ways to cut your footprint is by repairing leaky faucets and toilets. Every time you shave minutes off your use of hot water, you also save energy and keep dollars in your pocket. All of those flushes can add up to nearly 20 gallons a day down the toilet. Save water by making sure to adjust the settings on your machine to the proper load size. Using a machine is actually more water efficient than hand washing, especially if you run full loads. Hand washing generally uses about 20 gallons of water each time. Climate counts—where you live plays a role in how much water you use, especially when it comes to tending to a yard. One of the easiest ways to slim your water footprint is to eat less meat and dairy. A serving of poultry costs about 90 gallons of water to produce.

If you use alternative energies such as wind and solar, your footprint could be less. Washing a car uses about 150 gallons of water, so by washing less frequently you can cut back your water use. Combine your errands, car pool to work, or take public transportation to reduce both your energy and water use. A cross-country airplane trip (about 6, 000 miles) could be worth more than 1, 700 standard toilet flushes.

Calculated Industries KitchenCalc 8300 Recipe Calculator With Digital Timer by amazon.com

It’s an innovative kitchen aid that helps you increase or decrease recipe yields or portions quickly and accurately. Yes, you can adjust both serving and portion size at the same time and only have to enter the ingredients once. It worked wonderfully and only required one battery change in almost 10 years!

The big display (when readable) is great when you’re in a hurry. I use it all the time in the kitchen, and sometimes for other circumstances. I do my conversions and put them on paper to refer to while actually cooking. Sort of like writing the recipe while you are cooking the dish. I highly recommend this product based solely on my sister’s opinions.

A built-in digital timer runs even while you’re using other functions. After a week or so, the display became so dim it was unreadable. Plus, the apps close when the device sleeps and it’s annoying to have to keep entering the wake-up code to deal with the timers. This device allows that and can even switch between measurements after the conversion. Even without that it is a great product for dividing and multiplying ingredients. Someone else complained about the plastic cover fitting too tightly and forcing keys down. I can’t imagine doing it in the midst of actually cooking the food.

Cost To Install Formica Laminate Countertops by referwork.com

Standard nosing styles that usually come included with base formica pricing. Also included are the cutouts for the sink and holes for plumbing. Includes all labor needed for completion of project from measuring counters, and leveling, on to the final install including labor required for placing formica laminate and any caulking of seams.

Step By Step Guide To Measuring Your Countertop For Remodeling | Duration 6 Minutes 20 Seconds

The formica materials total allocates amounts due to waste factor. Final cleanup and disposal of waste such as for old laminate counter is allocated within these amounts. Heights optional on laminate counters although 3″ is about standard. All materials and supplies needed for prepping and clearing the subsurface to supplying new particleboard substrate have been included.

Cost To Install Granite Countertops by referwork.com

Granite How To Measure For An Estimate | Duration 5 Minutes 4 Seconds

Final cleanup and disposal of waste is allocated within these amounts. Total cost sums exclude any taxes charged for both materials and labor amounts. Assumes that the backsplash runs the entire counter length when present. Standard nosing styles mentioned typically come included with granite base pricing. Includes all labor needed for completion of project from measuring counters, on to final install including labor required for lifting & setting of stone in place. Includes all materials and supplies needed for prepping and clearing the subsurface. Includes fabrication efforts needed to attain desired granite edging. Amounts for the labor portion per specific geographic locales may fluctuate based on the particular zip code by 5% and greater.

Granite Countertops Cost by remodelingexpense.com

More specifically, a granite slab is essentially a long continuous piece, with dimensions ranging anywhere from 400 to 450 square feet. A granite tile, on the other hand, is much smaller, measuring anywhere from 15 to 32 square feet.What’s more, granite tiles are generally easier to install compared to a granite slab. To lower the installation cost, you can butt the tiles up against each other and affix with epoxy instead of using grout and mortar. However, modular granite is much larger than granite slab and therefore requires fewer seams than granite tile. For instance, the edge pieces typically feature a built-in bullnose while the back pieces feature a built-in backsplash. Modular granite often comes pre-sealed, eliminating the need for a granite sealer. At the same time, depending on the fabricator, you can purchase modular granite as individual pieces or in sets/kits.If you lack any of these things, you should hire a professional installer for the job. At this point, it is important to note that you can also purchase a laminated granite slab, which typically consists of two 3/4 inch slabs glued together to create a 11/2 inches thick slab. However, this slab-to-total cost correlation tends to vary depending on the quality of a granite slab. Put another way, this ratio drops drastically as the price of granite slab increases. Fortunately, most granite fabricators who sell high-end slab granite offer lower installation costs. The common granite formats include slab, tile and modular granite. On the other hand, the installation cost usually depends on the quality of the granite. With that in mind, here is a detailed look at various types granite cost per square foot. Instead of throwing away these offcuts, granite fabricators use them to make granite tiles. However, a granite slab is typically much bigger than a granite tile. This means that a single granite slab can cover the entire area of your countertop, eliminating the need for seams. This means you would need several granite tiles to cover your entire countertop area, translating to more seams, which can make diminish the beauty of your countertop. It is important to note that installing a granite slab requires special tools, professional knowledge and meticulous care.In regards to installation, modular granite installation normally requires professional knowledge, tools and materials. On average, the cost of installing a granite slab countertop is more or less the same as the cost the granite slab, according to a recent survey. The possible explanation for this scenario is the profit margin for high-end slab granite is high enough to cover the cost of the material, as well as the installation costs, such as edging, transport and labor costs. In essence, you should go for simple edges that require little or no fabrication because fabrication will increase the cost of your countertop. This means that you are more likely to get a good deal if you understand how these factors affect granite countertop prices. Out of these three formats, slab granite is the most expensive, whereas tile granite is the least expensive. Specifically, the cost of installing high-end granite countertops is typically lower than the cost of installing low-grade granite countertops.

Tips On Measuring Your Kitchen Countertops For An Accurate Quote by archcitygranite.com

You know what they say about measuring twice!

The more careful and accurate your measurements are during the estimation process, the fewer surprises there will be when you get to finalizing your countertops project. There’s still more measuring work to do for the actual cutting and installation (this part is the responsibility of the granite fabricator who does your project), as you’ll see below. Some home owners think that sink or cooktop areas need to be excluded from the measurement. Use your tape measure to measure the countertop length from wall to wall (in inches), not just from one edge of your current countertop to the other. Measure this twice, just to make sure it’s accurate!

Let’s say that you’ve measured the length of your countertop (twice!) at 112 inches. Here are tips to make you confident of getting right numbers to calculate the square footage of your countertops project. You’ll also need a pen, some paper with a “to-scale” drawing and a calculator. Remember that these instructions are just for preliminary estimation purposes. On your drawing, make sure to include the spaces for your sink, cooktop, bar sink etc. But it is not true measurement because the sink or cook top cutouts are done in the entire countertop. Write down the length in the appropriate space on your scale drawing or piece paper whichever case may be. After you’ve taken all the measurements and written them down, you’ll want to make some quick calculations on your calculator to determine your closely estimated square footage (from your inches). Then the only surprise you’ll get is how amazing your new kitchen countertops look!

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