I guess there could be a leak through the drain area or through the caulking. What is the best/simplest way to clean this up and then fix it so it does not reoccur? I have a suspended ceiling in the basement and have a clear view of it all once the insulation was removed. It seems to be slowly evaporating since we have stopped using the shower and all the caulking has been removed.

How To Fix Marble Tile Shower Floor Tile Over Tile | Duration 27 Minutes 15 Seconds

Whatever you do, don’t ignore it or try the “let it dry and reseal” technique for the floor. Better to tear it all out and fix the issue and then replace with a new shower now.

I have stripped of all the caulking and when you push down on the floor the water seeps up via the seams where the caulking was recently removed. Before it leaked enough to pool, it could have been seeping – it could have been going on for a long time. Sounds like the seal between the drain and the pan is leaking – could be a broken part, seal slipped out, or seal rotten, or something is loose. Those cultured marble things don’t normally delaminate, which is what would have to happen to get trapped water that isn’t underneath it. He was in that bathroom for about 20 minutes before he called me in to show me the problem.

He pointed out staining that we couldn’t see when we inspected the crawlspace. Ended up tearing it down, replacing a ton of wood, including two rotting joists and then redoing the plumbing and putting in a new shower. It might mask the problem for awhile, but it won’t cure it and you’ll just end up spending huge bucks later on when the floor eventually rots out completely.


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