With a pleasant floral fragrance that does not contain harsh chemicals, its safe and pleasant to use everyday.

It’s non-abrasive and works to prevent staining and water spotting.

Marble by fairfaxmarble.com

The veining in this marble can be gold, grey or even taupe in color. The richness in color, mirrored with dramatic white veining can make a strong statement. Marble sculptures were commonplace in these structures, and admired for their beauty as well.

The main mineral in marble is calcite, which is why it is highly reactive to acid. Etching occurs when a dull ring or mark becomes evident on the stones surface. Marble is also visible in architectural trim, sculptures, benches, pillars and fountains. It is important to note that this natural stone is not able to withstand an enormous amount of abuse. This veining, coupled with a contrasting color, gives marble its unique character. The surface can be polished to a high gloss, giving a more formal look to the space.

Polishing it has an added advantage in that it helps to seal the porous surface and protect it from damage caused by spills etc. It helps to reduce any visible etching that might have occurred to the surface. Both finishes are achieved via chemical or mechanical means to achieve an aged appearance. It is best to keep in mind your family dynamics and how it is suited to your lifestyle.

It’s known for its subtle beauty and the feathery grey veining throughout the stone. It’s known for its beautiful white canvas, accentuated with dramatic veining. There is nothing subtle about this stone and our inventory is sizable. It has long symbolized extravagance and wealth, originating from its early use in palaces and temples centuries ago. The surface of marble countertops can be finished in a number of ways. On the other hand, if it is tumbled or antiqued, it possesses a more casual appearance. Large grains of calcite are formed through a process known as re-crystallization.

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Often, limestone and travertine are referred to as marble because their surfaces can be polished to a high gloss finish. Some culprits of this are vinegar, lemons, ketchup and orange juice. Ornate detail can be achieved, because it is an easier stone to carve into.

You should never cut directly on the surface, and it can easily scratch by simply sliding a ceramic dish across the surface. What sets marble apart from other natural stones, is the veining that moves through the stone. Honing the surface of the marble kitchen countertops is another optional finish. This can also lend itself to a formal setting, in that the surface looks smooth and silky. If you are looking for a more casual look, the surface can be tumbled or antiqued. Regardless of the color, finish or type of marble couuntertops you purchase, it is guaranteed to draw attention to any room in your home. Marble is a durable natural stone that has been used for centuries.


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