The company works with many independent shops and are they are quite easy to locate. Cambria will not lower its standards to work with the bigger home improvement companies since the installation and fabrication may not meet their strict requirements. The reason behind this type of thinking is it keeps you as a consumer safe from improper installations that you may end up regretting later. He can also call up the company directly to find a local retailer in your area. When you’re looking for the best of the best in quartz countertops you’ll want to work with a company that commits itself to doing everything possible to make sure that you are happy with the final product.

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In that case, enter your zip code to be connected today to local granite countertop services. However, granite is more heat-resistant and easier to clean than the softer marble stone. Here, you either have the option to go with a synthetic (and more customizable) version of granite, but it will often be more expensive. Butcher block is affordable, but can easily be damaged and requires regular maintenance. Granite, on the other hand, offers the best possible combination of style and function.

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The former is more expensive, but offers a more consistent and singular surface. Because you are working with natural stones, no two countertops will be exactly the same. He was friendly and very courteous and you could see he knew what he was doing. Even if you want to create or update your bathroom, countertops should be a part of your consideration as you decide how to increase both the function and beauty of the space.

You might need help finding granite counter installers near you. When it comes to your kitchen or bathroom countertops, you have a variety of options. Alternatively, you can go with laminate, a cost-effective alternative that doesn’t come close to the beauty of granite. Similarly, tile countertops feature more customizability, but come with the downside of grout that can easily stain or be damaged. A single installation typically lasts between 10 and 15 years, while the natural stone grain turns your countertop into a statement piece in your kitchen or bathroom. Granite stone can range widely in color, from black to almost completely white with various brown, blue, and grey shades in between. It’s also important to point out that depending on the space for your countertop, you can choose between slab and tile options.

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That’s why picking your exact slab of granite in a showroom or together with your countertop installer is crucial in making sure that your kitchen will perfectly match your preferences and your kitchen’s style. They day after we called they came to measure and make the templates for our counter top. Tony who did the measurements and installation is a real pro.

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We also have hundreds of remnants cut every day for the smaller projects that you may have. Apart from the durability and natural look of granite, it remains cool in a way no other surface can, and is therefore of practical use in some cooking where ingredients are best kept cool, such as in baking. Patterning is equally as varied, from almost plain to rich swirling patterns and speckling. For example by using cutting boards placed on the granite countertop for cutting and chopping. When thinking about the choice between granite or marble work surfaces, it is worth considering the kind of look you wish to achieve, the costs, and maintenance. Marble is softer than granite; it is also more porous and therefore more prone to becoming stained and damaged. As it is harder, granite is less prone to being damaged or stained than marble is. Granite and cabinets work beautifully together, whether you are seeking to achieve a traditional look or a contemporary one. More contemporary high gloss lacquered and painted finishes can also work in harmony with granite.

Customers are also issued professional assistance and advice regarding different categories of granite that can be used in various parts of their homes. From stock lines to semi-custom and fully custom lines, we can help with your project in any room. Most of our business is from repeat customers and satisfied customer referrals. Granite is a natural stone, and is therefore subject to natural variations, offering a truly unique appearance. Granite comes in a variety of colours from light greys and whites to darker shades, allowing it to be matched with any choice of flooring, décor and cabinets. New granite countertops can be kept in the best condition by a little thought and care. Careful placement of kitchen utensils and hot pans will help prolong the life and maintain the beauty of your granite surfaces. Granite is formed from molten magma, and is therefore harder and less porous than marble. As may be expected, consistent granite possesses the same pattern throughout each slab and a more uniform consistency of overall look can be achieved; additionally, consistent granite slabs are also more easily joined together than variegated granite. The natural beauty of granite blends perfectly with either exposed or painted wood of all shades and grains. Granite exists in different colours and is often used to make decorative pieces and for construction especially in kitchens and bathrooms.

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As a buyer, you are offered a chance to choose different slabs before making your purchase. The countertops are custom made to match the theme colour of the house.

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