Most tile installers are not use to working with epoxy grout and cover more sf then they should before cleaning the tile and that is what leaves the haze.

I have run into this problem with several tile installers on commercial restaurants.

How Do I Remove The Hazy Coating From My Porcelain Tiles? The Tile and Stone by

Some respond well to strong alkaline cleaners, while others really require a solvent-type product. Some of these sealer residues can be removed with one or a combination of the types of product we have talked about, but for some, unfortunately, at this point there would appear to be no effective solution – it is still a work in progress! We had a company come out to clean one room, they used an abrasive powder cleaner and stripper… floors are now super inconsistent.

Grout Haze On Newly Laid Stone Tiles | Duration 7 Minutes 42 Seconds

Assuming it’s not a nano seal on the tile, any ideas what’s going on? This makes traditional methods like acidic cleaners much less effective. Consider now that an acidic cleaner will have some effect, but not as much as if it were a non-polymer film. The effect of the acid on the cement and polymer film is to dull it down, to etch it, so you are slowly damaging the residue (not the tile surface beneath it). However, the opposite effect happens here in that the stripper works on the polymer, but not the cement. So: the various attempts have each taken some / more of the residue away but not all of it.

If you just attempt to clean the polymer, the cement remains, and any traces of polymer not yet removed set again and hinder further attempts to clean way the cement. Now, the all-important rinse – pick up the dirty solution/slurry before it dries, with a mop and or paper towels etc. Now, take an old terry towel, wrap it around a broom and buff the floor dry.

Their purpose is to afford some protection to the tiles during transport, handling and of course, installation. Many of them use standard, paraffin-type waxes which are relatively easy to remove but others however use more modern, polymers that can be much harder to remove and each can require a different chemical. You have to be careful with solvents not just for the obvious reasons but also, because some of them can darken the tiles or leave behind an oily residue themselves. The problem we have seen is that the factories, due to the speed of production and less than scrupulous quality control, do not always remove the sealer residue, this then dries to form a haze. After mopping for several months ( with water & vinegar) floors became blotchy and inconsistent looking. We placed a new tile from the box near it and sure enough it has that same “blotchy” pattern… not as noticeable, but still there. Another company came and sampled an area to clean with nanoscrub, which removed the shiny residue but those “blotches” are still there! If you do indeed have a glazed tile then any dull/shiny and blotchy effects will most likely be residue and so, in theory, should be removable.

Removing Grout Haze From A Polished Marble Surface | Duration 2 Minutes 12 Seconds

Assuming it is glazed then remember also that the single component grout is likely to be loaded with polymers as well as cement. The all-over shine seems consistent to me with a thin film of polymer (synthetic latex); think of it like a thin, plastic varnish. The reason is that the acid in the cleaner works on cement, but not the polymer, and much of the cement in this residue is protected by a polymer coat.

I appreciate a lot of people swear by home remedies such as vinegar, vinegar belongs on food, not floors, (sure it is doing something but you are digging a tunnel with a spoon). If your residue is a good mix of both then you may need to try a more intensive approach.

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Marble does fade its lustre over time and needs proper maintenance whether used for flooring or countertops. This step eradicates all ledges and roughness and brings flatness to marble floors. For this low grit size 30 and grit 50 diamond floor polishing pads are effective. Industrial diamond floor pads with grit 400, 800 and 1500 are efficient. It extends the life of the marble floor from cracks and chips from the start itself.

A new marble floor can have floor flatness due to bad installation issues.

For this diamond floor polishing pads with grit 100 and 200 are used and are effective. For marble floors in good condition, polishing is enough to bring back the shine. Here marble gets treated with chemicals which bring the mirror like shine.

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It came recommended by a friend that has beautiful hard wood floors that are probably 15 years old at least. None of these products should cause this problem unless your floors were waxed at some point in the past. Wax is tenacious (seeps into pores and stays) and will chemically interfere with newer products. Use a good quality wax stripper first, then polish with one of the polishing products you mentioned, and maintain with a neutral, diluted cleaner.

I know water will make a haze on hardwood if you don’t dry it quickly. It works on everything from new wood floors to my 70-year-old beauties. She tells me it really isn’t in what your using to clean the dirt, but that it is key that you are buffing it dry.

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We had a few other less-fun and less-interesting steps once the grout party had wrapped.

See how the left half of the tile is hazy and the right half of the tile is smooth and shiny? We hear cheesecloth is especially amazing, but we had pretty good luck with just a plain white rag. But it was nice to see the tiles start to get some of their sparkle back. If you look below, you can see my progress line right under the left edge of the hood. It all looks exactly the same, but now it’s protected so rogue spaghetti sauce won’t make us shake in our boots.

How To Remove Grout Haze From A Polished Marble Surface | Duration 2 Minutes 12 Seconds

Basically anywhere that the tile met another surface at an angle, we applied some caulk to help keep that seam from cracking.

Hope this post cleared things up for everyone out there wondering why we didn’t detail the buffing/de-hazing/sealing/caulking steps. Here’s how we added this subway tile backsplash in our aunt’s kitchen using affordable tile sheets. This is all good learning for one day when we get our own house! We’ve only had the tile down for about a week but have already noticed that it is super easy to clean.

Wonder if that will come off using the grout haze and film remover. I think the only time we’ve used tape to get a clean line was in our old bathroom and that’s just because we were using white caulk again the tub right next to dark marble tiles. I will never use my finger again, this was so much easier and cleaner. The rubber-y-ness of it not only smooths the caulk but removes unwanted caulk from almost anywhere! We only had to wipe it with a sponge with a few passes and no elbow grease! Or did you finish buffing everything and then go over it w/ dehazer? Nothing gets rid of the orangey and green stains (and we’re not supposed to use most household cleaners near the marble). Have you already written a post about patching ceiling holes somewhere?

And since a bunch of folks have asked us to detail the de-hazing and sealing steps… here they are! We saw it on both the subway tile and the marble floor tile in our old bathroom and this penny tile was no exception. See how all the dark rings around the circle are irregular instead of all being exposed and looking clean and round?

I was also pleasantly surprised by how it brought out more of the tile’s shine. See how much shinier it is on the right side of the wall up to that line and how dusty it looks to the left of it? Although it was a bit tedious to apply over the whole wall (you basically apply it with a sponge, let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse and dry it off). We like that the sealed grout still looks matte, because we like the play of the shiny tile and the matte grout to balance things out. Oh but our tip would be to seal it when it’s clean (if you’re sealing an existing kitchen or bathroom) since sealing it when it’s grimy just seals in the grime. We now return to our regularly scheduled, non-tile-related programming.

Not much pressure, but just the slight abrasive seems to work with little effort.

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It was one of those jump the gun and get this thing done (we don’t have patience like you guys). And if extra goes where it’s not supposed to go we wipe off with a paper towel.

I get a new one because they’re only a few dollars and it’s so amazingly worth it!

Might take a long time to scrub all that grout by hand though! Sometimes you want to run your finger over a few times, and sometimes getting your finger wet helps it glide. We made the mistake of using metal and have a few scratches on our lovely marble floor. We have mildew settling into the cracks between tiles, in the joint btw the wall and the marble floor tiles. That hole in the ceiling that was above the hood vent–how did you patch it? I never thought that maybe that wasn’t such a good idea and we ended up with horrendous dark haze over our lovely tiles.

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I have a new marble tile floor that was not properly sealed and now has water spots-how do i remove them before sealing? As you no doubt know marble is a porous material and stains of any sort have probably penetrated, at least a little, into the surface. Shake this powder all over the stains and you will have to let it sit for at least 3 days. Sweep it up and then vacuum in a few days and then get back to me with the results.

We did this about once a year and moped it in between with mop and glo. I had a tile company come in to clean my grout and polish the tile.

There is some hope that the original sealer did at least some good. I realize this will be an inconvenience but if it works you will be very happy as opposed to the refinish process. Why my brand new marble floor get little white spot all over the marble title?

Marble & Granite Cleaner And Polish | Duration 58 Seconds

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I was thinking about your question and what is realistic for wood floor care. If there is a film build up from what ever has been used on the floor this should clean off any residue. I have wood floors refinished 13 years ago with a urethane finish that has used this procedure, not dust mopped daily but weekly, and damp mopped on the traffic areas and they floor is as nice as when it was first finished. If the floor finish is scratched in the high traffic areas you can have a floor re finisher come in and do a screening on the finish to prepare it for another coat of finish.

If you have a great deal of build up you may want to do multiple moppings, allowing it to dry in between. Once clean of film, the thing to do from here out is to utilize the same treatment to keep dirt off of the floor. This will put the shine back to the floor and will not be near the cost of a complete sand down, stain and refinish.

The kitchen, bathroom and living/dining room areas have hardwood flooring. They are tongue and grove and have been sanded to the point that the grove on the boards is being compromised and occasionally breaking off.

They always have a film on them and they weren’t like this when we bought this home just five months ago. Looked good at first and then started loosing the filling between the cracks.

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One of the workers there suggested that a solution of distilled vinegar and warm water will cut right through the haze. Since there was 1500 sq feet of haze to cover, two of my sisters pitched in, too, and we all tag-teamed the task while my mom was on clean water duty. Bummer that the one part of the job we hired out seems to have managed to not turn out the way we hoped. The good news is we’re haze free and that part was a lot easier than we thought it would be. Ace has provided us with compensation and the materials necessary to complete this project, but all opinions and sweat are our own.

They did send me 8 bottles of mocha stain and a rep came out to inspect.

The contractor blamed the product and said he sees it all the time. My contractor initially insisted that the grout had to dray but 2 months after installation the problem persisted. The contractor said it was much more expensive than the powder but do you care if it means there will not be a unevenly colored grout? My contractor had to pay for the tile guy to dig out the bad grout and apply the new which came out great.

Removing Grout Haze From Stone Or Tiles Surface Using Grout Haze Clean Up® | Duration 2 Minutes 39 Seconds

It is more of a white powdery material which is distributed all through the bathroom. Let it dry and made fresh batch of solution and wiped walls and floor again with terry rag. I did the one part vinegar to four parts water, let it sit for a bit, then got a cheesecloth and scrubbed away and rinsed with clean water. We had the exact same problem when installing our new toasted walnut procelain tiles. We mixed the grout with filtered water and it looked like thick fudge but it still turned out all grayish when dried. Although the grout color is still lighter than we hoped, 95% were brown so now our floor does not look like like cement or dust got mixed in the grout!

Multiple times with sponge or cloth and water yielded little to no result after the 2nd time (the first 2 passes, we got plenty off, but the haze persisted on all passes after that). We just used 1:4 vinegar to warm water and mopped like you would mop any floor. We have had a professional cleaner, and many hours of scrubbing. We picked a darker color grout to go with our tile, as you guys did, and honestly…(sigh!). After speaking with customer service, they told me it’s called “grout efflorescence” and is very common with unsanded grout.

We even did different consistencies of grout mix but ended up with the same color each time.

It didn’t contrast the tile too much, but matched the darkest shade in the wood grain pattern on the tile. I was imagining buffing each individual tile with cheese cloth until the baby got here. Is there a way you are able to remove me from that service? The main contributor is the portland cement mixture in the mortar and in some powdered grouts. It is a bit more expensive up front and requires a slightly more advanced grouting method but there is no need to seal the grout afterwards, no grout haze to remove, and provides guaranteed color consistency throughout.

Took a sample of grout powder to test and yes they said it was not mixed right by the contractor. Then to bout added a another tile we bought for another project and never used to this project that was slightly smaller and lot darker. We started out chosing a darker grout but when time came to actually start second guessed ourselves and took back the dark and went with the lightest of group. We just finished laying and then grouting our faux wood tile in the kitchen, and we too were plagued with the haze that made them look dirty. After the 1st pass, the change was obvious, and after the 2nd pass, the floor looks as it is meant to. I am actually resorting to now getting a dremel and removing the grout and re-grouting the area. I am quite upset with our tile work in our newly constructed home because our dark wood looking tile has the white haze all over it. But, the good news is, the grout is already getting darker through natural wear over time. We just laid similar tile in a dark walnut color and our dark brown grout has many areas that dried almost tan. It ended up the correct color is some spots, but quite a bit lighter in others.

I was no happy with the color and looked at the grout recolorants/dyes but my tile was a dark hickory so the options were too still too light.

How To Clean Grout Haze From Tile Grout by

The best time to remove grout haze is within 24 hours of completing a grouting project; however, it is possible to remove haze even days or weeks after the tiling project is finished.

If you’re trying to remove the grout haze within that first 24-hour window, plain elbow grease may just do the trick. Take care when resorting to this measure that you try small amounts at a time in small areas to avoid possibly damaging the grout you want to keep. Again, keep in mind that the longer grout haze is allowed to set, the harder it will be to remove. Be aware that attempting to remove grout haze may actually soften the grout between the tiles.

To clean it, you can use common household ingredients or a commercial tile cleaner. Fill a bucket with warm water and, using a green scouring pad, give the haze a good scrubbing. You can purchase this type of product at any large home improvement center in the tile department.

If the haze continues to be a problem, then the next step is to try applying the remover directly to the surface of the tile. Also, be sure to clean up the remover thoroughly, using a new cloth if you have to.

If this occurs, then use a putty knife to smooth the grout into place and then reseal the grout to prevent further damage.

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We don’t have a large house it’s that we let them do our entire house. I would use it too and it was so easy and my only complaints off the get go were every single footprint of dog print showed as soon as you stepped on this floor! I have never used anything else except the water, white vinegar, and alcohol mixture. I have read so many negative things saying don’t buy them and to not buy products that say they are for laminate and tile floors. I haven’t destroyed the shine using a shark steam mop and swifter wet wipes and mop. If it does not, then it is most likely a light coating of glue from sponge used to wipe over the floor by installers. I figure on and hands and knees which kills me is more effective than a mop. I just used a mixture of water, alcohol, and a few drops of dish soap, mopped and swept with a microfiber mop. I would call the company and talk to them, but if they won’t help you it won’t hurt to try it.

Either you have already worn through the surface finish or you have deposits doing this. They of course said they hear this all the time customers being misinformed by installers or even the store you buy from. I have gotten on my hands and knees doing small areas at a time and drying it immediately with soft towels. I will admit when it was installed it was beautiful and it breaks my heart it doesn’t shine and look pretty like it did. We did have all new carpeting done by them in the bedrooms when the laminate was put in. Dark floors have to be swept a lot and having 2 dogs even more sweeping! I wish we would have gone with hardwood it wasn’t that much more in cost but my husband said laminate would be better. I clean on my hands and knees and the second you walk around its smeared and shows it all! They ofcourse said they hear this all the time customers being misinformed byinstallers or even the store you buy from. Get off your hands and knees and find a simpler way to clean the floor, such as vacuuming it with a hard floor attachment to remove the dog fur instead of cleaning it with any liquid.

I have tried everything mentioned on this site and all others for a year and not luck.

I had medium dark laminate floors in my last house and they were a breeze to keep.

Mistake they told me use a swifter sweeper yes the dry type and get ready yes the wet wipes too, the swifter wet jet with the spray bottle too, they said they used both since they had dogs! I have destroyed the beautiful shine of my dark laminate floors from using a steam mop and using swifter wet products. Google how to remove glue residue from laminate and perhaps you will find out how to remove the glue. I doubt it could be deposits given the extreme cleaning you have done.

If it doesn’t you may have to remove the wax and totally refinish the floor with a varnish. Mannington said moisture gets under it and seams breaking open the floor buckling or places where any damage occurs that no it can take months or longer to show but you immediate destroy your shine and gloss. They also said with the wet swifter products and even the home cleaners you make water or moisture gets under the floor and it begins to ruin it. Mannington if they have a cleaner to just maybe restore my shine and make it easy to clean with and they said once laminate is ruined by the steam cleaners or using wet products like swifter no they don’t. Surely someone who reads this may have had this same horror story and if anyone wonders why the store we bought from didn’t have the cleaner it’s because we live in a small town and the closest big name store we all know are like 40 miles away each way and we went local it was cheaper and this store had done previously replaced carpet in our home.

I just would love my floor to be easy to clean there must be some way! I never knew it showed footprints so bad either not just ours but the dogs. Put down area rugs in strategic locations so you don’t see as much of the hard flooring. What worked for me and although you’ve used the shark steam mop, it did work for me. Take a old cotton towel and with your feet, shimmy the floor really good until it is completely dry. I was ‘this close’ to tearing up the floors and replacing with tile. Neither my husband or myself knew that laminate flooring would do this.

Cleaning Cloudy Marble In Bathroom Shower Walls by

After, be sure to use the correct sealer (or paste wax)) to minimize future hazing. You can use denatured alcohol, and you could use a pumice powder. As expensive as marble is don’t use rainx, ammonia, bleach or anything else because ones it’s damaged it is hard to fix.

You might need a buffer to max out the shine, but it’s pretty amazing on it’s own.

Swirl on with the included pad, let dry and wipe off with an old towel. Works on any solid surface, including windows that are hazy (mine were awful where the wind blew water on the glass from our sprinkler system).


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