Rather than sitting at home on long weekends and holidays, you travel to vineyards. From each of these, you bring home memories, and along with them, many bottles of wine. You’ll find freestanding and built-in wine cellars of various sizes.

You venture to tastings and festivals around the country and experience different cultures firsthand. Costco’s wide selection of wine cellars and wine coolers, and find the cellar of your dreams!

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When storing wines for a long period of time, consistent and cool temperatures are a must. Prior to serving wine, you should aim to have the wine at the ideal serving temperature based on the variety of wine you are serving. White wines are typically served at cooler temperatures than red wines, and even among the individual varieties there are considerations to aim for. Avoiding major drops or bumps in temperature will help you to avoid the expansion and contraction of the liquid within the bottle, which can cause the cork to loosen and expose your wine to the damaging effects of air.

You can do this by creating individual temperature zones, either within a multi-zone wine refrigerator or with multiple wine refrigerators set at various temperatures.

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Other factors in preserving the quality of your wines include storing them on their sides to keep the wine in contact with the cork, ensuring the cork does not dry out and cause exposure to the air.

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The main differences between the two types are size and venting: a standalone wine cooler fridge is usually larger, holds more bottles, and vents excess heat from the sides and back while a built-in cooler holds fewer bottles and has air vents in the front. In addition, wine should be stored at a higher temperature than your other groceries but at a lower temperature than bottled water and soft drinks. Parties can be stressful, but with a little planning, you can arrange your home’s flow to allow for easy conversation and maximum fun. This will help you decide if you need either a stand-alone wine refrigerator or a built-in wine fridge, as in one that is installed as part of your kitchen’s cabinetry. While a built-in wine chiller could be used as a standalone appliance, you shouldn’t try to install a standalone unit in your cabinetry because incompatible venting may cause it to overheat and stop working. Strong-smelling fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients like onions and garlic can inadvertently permeate your wine, lending unwanted flavors. And choose the right wine cooler to display your wine collection and serve your favorite vino to family and friends.

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Perhaps you’ve been toying with the idea of getting a quality wine bottle cooler.

Wine Cooler Refrigerator

To decide which one is the best for your needs and budget can be a tedious task. Which are the top wine cooler refrigerator brands & manufacturers?

If you already have a wine refrigerator feel free to share your experiences and help others make a better choice. If you’re a wine connosieur then you certainly want to enjoy your favourite wines at the perfect temperature . What’s the difference between a wine cooler, wine refrigerator and a wine cellar?

What to look for when buying a wine cooler, wine refrigerator or wine cellar?

What are the advantages and drawbacks of thermoelectric wine coolers?

We’ll also let you know about current deals on wine coolers and wine cellars offered by retailers.

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In these countertop wine coolers, we can store both red and white wines by their wide temperature range. Different wine requires different temperatures to maintain the consistency of the wine. By this single zone wine chiller you can cool and serve upto 12 bottles. It can easily fit in any space because it is lightweight and compact.

The internal temperature in the refrigerator is affected by outside conditions. By this chiller, you can have a classy display of six wine bottles. The recessed door handle enhances the look of the wine fridge. Some of your re-corked bottles can also be rechilled correctly. The wide temperature range uses to cool the desired wines at an ideal temperature. The thermoelectric cooling system helps for a vibration-free and silent operation.

We can save the electricity power as much as possible by this wine chiller because of its smart electrical usage technology.

We can easily set the temperature controls by the touch screen control panels. Helps to store a single type of wine at the perfect temperature.

We can store different types of wine at the perfect temperature by the wide range of temperature. To accommodate standard wine bottles we have two sculpted chrome shelves.

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The thermoelectric cooling system helps for quiet operation. The interior light assists to showcase our favorite wine assortment. Generates excessive vibrations and loud noise which may cause some distractions. The thermoelectric cooling system supports for vibration-free and silent operation. If the surface is not in level, then adjustable legs aid for an easy installation of this countertop wine refrigerator.

We can observe silent and vibration-free mechanism through the thermoelectric cooling system.

You can have a natural aid to your wine collection by which you can quickly grab you favorite red or white wine. The adjustable leveling legs help to install the wine chiller even on the uneven surface.

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Two metal shelves support for an easy cleaning and maintenance of the wine chiller. The thermoelectric wine cooler incredibly produces lower noise. The compressor cooling system contributes to store wine at perfect temperatures. The digital controls help to store the setting that you have given to the chiller.

You can store the small amount of your wine collection in this countertop wine coolers. If you are a wine enthusiast and want to start your wine collection, then these countertop wine coolers are here to satisfy your requirements. There are two types of cooling system one is thermoelectric, and other is the compressor. For this specification, the wine coolers come with a broad temperature range to store both red and white wines. One year warranty is offered for this efficient and affordable wine cooler.

You can easily arrange this wine cooler by adjusted the interior as per your wish. Stylish exterior and visible interior which makes it an elegant wine chiller.Lights automatically turn off after 10 minutes which is not adjustable. This countertop wine refrigerator helps to intensify the look of the room. If you have left the door opened for the long time the temperature automatically adjusts when we close the door. The thermoelectric cooling system makes the chiller eco-friendly.

We can see the vibration-free and quiet operation in this wine chiller by the thermoelectric cooling system. By the touch screen controls, we can easily set and monitor the temperatures.

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The reason behind the silent operation of the wine chiller is the thermoelectric cooling system. The compressor cooling technology maintains quiet operation. In the case of any power fluctuations the previous settings of the cooler are lost. The wine chiller is inexpensive and compact enough and can fit in any corner of the room. The weight and dimensions of the wine cooler are 22lbs and 14 x 19 x 23 respectively. Adjustable level legs help to install this wine chiller even on the uneven surface. By the single zone wine cooler we can store either red or white wine. The mirror finish on the door helps to enhance the look of the wine chiller. The adjustable leveling legs help to balance the wine cooler on the uneven surface. This wine fridge uses the thermoelectric cooling system to for vibration-free and silent operation.

You can quickly set the internal temperature of the wine fridge by the digital temperature. Soft interior lights help to highlight your assortment of wine.

You can easily adjust and maintain the internal temperature of the chiller.The cooler also features double-panned, insulated glass door which intensifies the chiller look. The countertop wine coolers do not occupy more space and can easily fit in any room.

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The kitchen refrigerator is too cold and humid for wines, while cupboard is too warm, inconsistent and far too dry. The first one worked very well; the second one, not so much. It achieved the temperature within 24 hours and has been very consistent ever since. There is even one place to stand a bottle up, which is a plus. I also had to adjust the top door mount a little to recenter the door and get a tight seal at the top corner. I probably made the mistake in filling it all up with room temperature bottles. The light goes out after 10 minutes but the manual said that you can press the light button again and it will come on. Have had it now for a couple of weeks and no further temperature changes. The unit comes complete with contoured, polished chrome wine racks and special placement for standing bottles. This way you can rest assured that your precious wine collection will remain safe and protected for years to come. Wines are fragile, sensitive to temperature, light and humidity. Are you looking for a quality, 18-bottle wine and beverage cooler that will chill your favourite wines to perfection, without breaking the bank?

The first one seems to maintain the set temperature (53 degrees) without a problem. The second one has been running for a couple of weeks and has never made it below 57 degrees. I called and they talked me through trouble shooting then decided it had just died: not getting power. The button lockout seems like a good idea but can be a bit of a pain if all you want to do is turn on the light. They should have made this so that when you also open up the door, the light will come on automatically. I had it set on 54 but it never gets down to there and holds the temperature. Temperature set did drop a couple of degrees after first plugging in but the manual says this could happen. Noticed a sound coming from it last night for the very first time but it was not very loud, kind of just white noise. This so far has been an excellent purchase and the price can’t be beat.

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