The breakfast bar area, with mitred gable ends also includes a shelving area, which is a unique finishing touch. Not all kitchens have the space for a dining room table along with an island. It is becoming a trend to have an overhang on your island which allows people to sit around the island, have a chat or prepare for dinner. This customer has gone with a pencil edge finish, a full height backsplash behind their free-standing cooker with upstands either side. The 3 workmen who installed it done a fantastic job so professional and left the kitchen spotless and my granite countertops shineing they were very polite.

Quartz & Granite Kitchen Counter Tops, Silestone, Dekton, Ireland | Duration 2 Minutes 52 Seconds

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In many occasions, the fabricators will either make trivets or cutting boards out of the color match material as an added service to their customer. Remember, some colors may require more maintenance with a different finish. Non porous – keeps bacteria away, promoting a cleaner and more sanitary surface 2. Scratches can be sanded out – by far, the greatest advantage of solid surface countertop material. Hanex® is non-porous and solid throughout the entire material. Minor scratches and damages can be easily repaired by the customer. Depending on the size of your countertop, granite countertops will have visible seams and other imperfections that may cause problems. The water absorption ratio is among the lowest in the industry. Unlike tiles, you don’t have to clean or disinfect, and it doesn’t harbor bacteria, viruses or germs. Strong – unlike laminate, the plastic goes all the way through, and thus resists impact better.

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Besides, wood counter-tops add innate warmth and natural feel to your kitchen. This reduces the risk of food poisoning and the need to use harsh chemicals to fight bacteria. Minor repairs are easy on wooden worktops, as a light damage just requires sanding down the piece below the damage and sealing it. The options range from dark, rich wenge to the much lighter beech or maple, which give an excellent finishing touch. The demand for wooden worktop is increasing day by day because of certain practical advantages it provides. The fibres in cut wood release a natural antiseptic that is helpful in killing a number of germs that commonly live on worktops.

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Corian provides a high end, high quality finish and the colour is consistent throughout the sheet, making it perfect for kitchen worktops of varying lengths. As corian is a non porous surface it will never absorb liquid, regardless of how long the liquid has been present on the surface, and can be easily cleaned with common household cleaners. Our corian worktops are durable non porous countertops which are pleasing to the eye and easy to clean and maintain. Corian worktops are versatile and practical, and can be suited to even the most boisterous of households.

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